One book to rule them all

Hi there,
Does anybody know if there will be a definitive book of all the Talents, Spells, aso from all the sourcebooks?
Even a pdf one will be fine.
There are some nice homemade documents around here, telling on which book you can find a specified talent, but they still involve a lot of page turning and book searching.
An official document with proper descriptions will be a relief.

The online character creator is an essential tool I find. Trying to work across all the books with all the options is a nightmare without it.

Yes it is, but beware of a few things.

  1. Whe you choose to roll options (archetypes, natures, etc…) it will randomize ONLY the options from the Core Book, not from other books (even if you selected the sourcebook in the first page). The only way to get the other options is to choose them at page 1 and choose options at the various steps (never randomize).

  2. Be careful and check everything. If you find typos or errors, give them a message. They often answered to my messages and, even when they disagree with my suggestions, they always give a reason. And this is good!
    But again…be careful. Last week I was still getting the “Tracker” talent without the “Born Wild” prerequisite. These things can happen!

There isn’t a definitive book. However I have been working on a cheat sheet of sorts. I’ll upload it onto google docs so you can see it once I get it up to date again. It still needs the most recent 3 books added to it.

Nice! Good luck with the final process.

I’m posting the link to the tables I made for skills and spells in the GM sharing topic. Out of respect for rules set up on these forums it doesn’t have detailed descriptions of everything but it does tell you where you can find them.