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Bit of a strange question I guess but does anyone know if/when there are plans to add the newer books like the horrors to the character generator?

I have totally missed that there is something to add to the generator from Horrors :open_mouth:

I will put it on the backlog. Unfortunately, time has not been on my side lately (or rather, energy), so it might take a little while longer. Apologies for that.


No problem , your work is amazing !

Thank you for the kind words. It seems there are two educations and two archetypes in the Horrors book. I will add them asap.


Thank you so much! I would love to see them there. I use the online generator to make important npcs and I know a lot of players use it too. Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into it!


All my group used it to create their characters


There, content from Horrors has been added, enjoy :smiley:


Thank you so much!!!

The cult trained education doesn’t provide access to all of the talents it should. All I get offered is scribe.

Which ones are you expecting?

Hi Christoffer!
We have already spoken by email!

I know that when you “Roll” things ( Archetypes, Castes, Natures, etc…)" the results are only those from Core rules and not from the other books, even if you selected them in Step 1.

I also know that this is due yo your design choice of keeping only the rolling tables which are in the books (one can mayeb complain about why they did different tables in different books…but this is not the place to argue about it).

However, can you please explicilty write this limit in Step 1, so that people are more conscious of what they will roll?

I feel you should, since in this way one can see the precise limits of what you are choosing in Step 1.

If things remain as they are now, if I choose a sourcebook in Step 1, and later on I see the “Roll” options common sense would suggest that I’m rolling also stuff from the sourcebooks…but it is not!

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I’m expecting to be able to pick all the ones I qualify for based on the skills associated with that life path option, like the other educations and stories, etc.

Well, if you have the book, you’ll know why you only got Scribe for that education :slight_smile:

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Ah. I wasn’t looking in the book since I was using the character generator and it says the same thing it does for all the other educations on the previous screen where it lists all the education options: “Any talent from mandatory or elective skills.”

Yes, that is an error which I will fix, but the Scribe talent is correct.

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