The Conan Character Generator Error

Acck!!! I love the character generator provided at but when I try to export to pdf I end up with an error every time. it even occurs from my phone so I don’t think this is a problem on my end! Anyone else having this problem? Is there any way to get this fixed?!?! It is a vital resource for me!!

I have checked, and it is working. Might have been a hiccup while something got updated on the server.

It works for me too now . . . except when I try to make this one character . . .

What choices do you make during your lifepath?

Let me run through it . . .
Core, Skelos and Cults active
Normal selected
Homeland Argos
Attributes Brawn down 1, Personality up 1
Aspects Charismatic and Unwavering Inteligence
Mandatory Attributes Willpower as worst, Intelligence as best
Optional Attributes Awareness first, Agility Second
Caste Petty Nobility
Cult Story Persecution
Archetype Charlatan
Elective skills Healing and Lore
Equipment Personal Library and Healer’s Bag
Nature Unholy Birth
Elective skills Linguistics and Sorcery
Talent Patron
Education Apprenticed to a Sorcerer
Elective skills Persuade and Society
Talent Chicanery
Sorcery Story Survived a failed summoning
Customization Coordination up 2
Melee, Observation and Parry skills up 1 each
Talent Naturally Charming
Languages Ancient Stygian and Zingaran
Sacrifice one fortune point to add one to personality
Belongings A snake headed walking stick
Garments A pair of snake skinned gloves stitched with gold thread
Weapon A dagger emblazoned with a snake eating its own tail
Spells Mesmerizing talismans

And today she went through . . . Thanks for your time anyway!!! I do appreciate the effort. I love this character generation system so much . . . Having a working spreadsheet to do all the math properly and quickly has taken away a ton of the GM work I need to in prepping for a session.