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Please post any errors you may have with the Conan online character generator here. You can find the generator at

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Steve, You have linked the incorrect Character Generator. This is the Infinity one, not the Conan one.

Fixed it, thanks for the catch.

I would prefer to receive feedback via the “Feedback” button in the online tool. Thanks!

I just wanted to check if this resource will be restored in the future. It is currently reporting that it is offline.


It should be back soon. The problem is being worked on.


Hello there,

I was wondering if the material from the Kull book was planned to be integrated into the Character Generator? I understand that some of the material might clash with the Conan elements, but there is a lot I’d like to see brought over. Things like the Gladiator, backgrounds, etc.

Any word on that?

Hello Everyone,
Was wondering if anyone else is having any Issues with the Character creater app? Went to try to use it and it says that it is no longer available. Is there a new site? Was going to use it to make some characters at a local con coming up in January.


The app is still down, but the situation is being worked on.

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All hail dog brothers (and sisters), the Conan Online Character Generator is back online.


Thank you!

Hello there,

I do not yet see Wanderer added to the generator. Also, do we know if there are plans to add Kull to the generator eventually?

Wanderer should be there. Kull was added today.

Awesome. Thanks!

I have not been able to use the Talents section for the last few weeks. I click on it, and it takes me to another screen. It just doesn’t have the Talents drop down. This is a wonderfully useful tool. Hoping it comes back soon!

I know that this tool is supposed to mimic only tables which are in books…but a really GENERIC option like this should be AWESOME to have, especially for the archetypes of all books.

(actually we need something better than this, with each archetype getting 1 chance…but i feel you got the concept!)

Hi is there any character generator in french ?

No, the tool is in English.

Any chance of archetypes from Modiphia - Issue #3 getting added to the app?

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Will there be plans to add the Age of Conan Source book to the generator?