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Looking for Random Tables for Castes & Archetypes

Has anyone done an updated random table for generating caste and selecting archetypes (so that would be two tables) incorporating all the supplements? Sometimes I like to do things entirely randomly. I didn’t see anything on the resource page. I’ve done my own up through Brigand, but still waiting on the newer stuff to come out in print.

Ages ago (maybe last year? or 2 years ago?) I asked about why the Online character generator has random results only for archetypes 9n the core rules and not anything including archetypes from ALL the books even if you select all the options in step 1…they answered me that such an option does not exist because there is no printed table including all the archetypes.

Yeah, it would be great if they eventually did a book that compiled ALL the castes and archetypes from every supplement so that it would be possible to more easily generate random characters with the full range of options. Warhammer 2nd edition did that back in the day. But it doesn’t seem that aligns with their business model. So I’ll make my own tables when/if everything gets published.


Please, share it if you can!!

Thank you in advance.

Well, I did this one. Not perfect by any means but it’s something. I let the player roll D20 and d6 and choose between the two.


Cool…but it gives more probabilities to stuff in the core rules…something else should be devised!

hey @Hyrkanian , don’t know if you know of this, but here is an official online char generator that allows randomization

But, as far as I remember last time I checked, you cannot randomize ALL the archetypes, even if you selected all the books in Step 1.
Try it: you’ll notice that you will always get archetypes only from the Core Rules.
In the past I’ve sent various emails about it but I was always replied that, since there is not a single table in the printed books to randomize all the archetypes, you cannot do it even with the online tool.
I feel it’s a bit stupid…but this is what it is.

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I was certainly unaware of this missing feature in the generator. Thank you for the heads up!

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I really feel it’s a stupid lack of options which can be easily fixed by them, but they never did it. Possibly I was the only one complaining about it but, if more people would send messages and emails, maybe (and hopefully) somebody will listen.

Here’s one for archetypes.
You’ll need a D6 and then a D12.


This is super cool! With this inspiration, I’m considering designing one with a bell curve or greater probability for the Archetypes in Core. Thanks for the model!

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