Combining Random Tables from Different Sources

I love the idea of random character generation, but since each separate book has its own tables that are distinct from the others, I wonder if there is a way to combine them into one large table? For instance, the character generator asks if you would like to roll from the Core or Conan the Pirate caste or education table, etc. What if I’d like to roll randomly to include all the sources for character creation? Has anybody else given this thought?

There is the online character sheet Generator that can be randomly rolled.

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Yes, but before rolling for a table, it asks you which book you’d like to roll from (i.e. Core, or Mercenary). I’d like to take the randomness further by taking this choice away from players, giving an equal opportunity to roll any of the values from both tables. In the above example, flipping a coin to choose which book would not give even representation.

selecting “all” would get the results you desire, i believe.

Oh does it? I hadn’t noticed that option. I’ll take another look.