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A brand new Name Generator for you

Hello all!
I have just finished a generator to use with Conan. Its a macro-activated Excelsheet.
It do generate names (Close to 3000 male names and a little over 2500 female names).
It also generate an occupation and an NPC trait to help the GM roleplay the NPC or to give a hint of how the NPC acts (over 500 NPC traits).
For those who get an occupation Archetype: ???, they dont get an NPC trait but gets Aspects insteadt since I think they translate very well of how those NPC can act.

The Excel sheet isn´t locked so you can change things for your campaign and conveniance.

Please give feedback if you like.

The file is on my OneDrive


Remember that you have to allow the macros to run.
You also have to choose a nationality from the listbox.

Please tell me if you run into problem and I will try to solve it.

One thing I want to try to make is that the refreshbutton should be one for each table and not for both. I will try to solve it.

Really thought the interest would be higher. :slight_smile:

Can tell that I got all the names from Conan 2D20 as well as Conan D20.
The traits is taken from Conan 2D20´s toolkit as well as traits from Conan D20.

Will fill in more names from Conan 2D20 when new books arrives, usually there are some names in all "Conan the…"books.

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It is really neat and I personally appreciate the thought and effort you put into it. Usually I use the fantasy name generator site or a fantasy name generator on my phone for this though.

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You might want to specify more clearly that this is a Name Generator. When I first read the post I thought it was a character generator. For that I’m quite happy to use the official character generator.

But this is quite handy. While there are plenty of online name generators I haven’t seen one that is specific to this genre. Thanks

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Also, speaking only for myself, my trust level for opening macro enabled Excel spreadsheets from the internet is at an all time low. Even when it comes from a good community like this one.

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@andyreimer changed the name to reflect it is a namegenerator.
Unfortnately I cant make a generator without macro enabled Excel.

Thanks for the feedback though. :smile:

Mogge, gotta say; This is pretty helpful for saving time while my group is traveling from country to country.


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Just saw this because of the new post – Mogge, are you willing to create a version of this spreadsheet with the lists of names by culture/gender (no macros, just lists in columns) and post that? I agree with @andyreimer that using macro-enabled google docs or downloaded Excel sheets fills my paranoid mind with…well, paranoia :slight_smile:

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This is very cool, and must have taken quite some time. I’m sure I will get good use out of it. Thanks, alot.