Looking for Map Assets for Waves Stained Crimson


I am seeking the ship and overland map images from Waves Stained Crimson. I am going to be running this in Foundry VTT. Looking for High res captures for translation to Battle Maps. Sadly i do not have the PDF as i was forced to buy the book from a 3rd party as Modiphius was sold out in the US… and shipping from the UK cost nearly as much as the book. Any Help is appreciated.


Not sure how a PDF is sold out or how shipping factors into it but you’ll be glad to know that it’s back in stock in the US store.

Not trying to buy the book twice. Had i been able to buy the hard copy from Morphidius it would have come free with the book. Sadly i do not have unlimited expendable resources. All i am looking for is really 3 to 4 images from the book to make into battlemaps.

You might be interested in Modiphius policy on pdfs for physically purchased books here. As I read it, doesn’t matter where you purchased

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That is great to know. Thank You. I will be contacting them shortly.

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Snappy fast service too… very impressed.