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I missed the waves

Hi there,

I’ve just ordered the Conan’s bundle and I’m reading the PDF. While browsing Modiphius’ website I noticed that there were two waves consisting in bundles for various supplements. Unfortunately they are out of stock but I could order every single product separately. Does this mean that once you miss a wave it’s over or may I expect some kind of « reload » ^^

Happy new year

They have had difficulty keeping the books in stock. You might want to look into picking up the books a la carte instead of buying the entire wave bundle. Alternatively I think there are full wave pdf bundles on drivethru as well.

Thanks for answering,

I did post to the forum but actually I understand the question was more to the staff than to the forumites.
I did order the “wave 1” ala carte ^^, and I’ll probably be doing the same for wave 2.

I’ve already ordered (and received, yesterday ^^) the Conan bundle .

As for drivethru (which I like and use extensively) I love the physical books :wink:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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100% agree with preferring tangible books. Just trying to help.

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