End of the Line?!

There’s a short but ominous line in the latest Modiphius Conan email:
“We hope you enjoy this new Conan supplement, and look out for the final book in the series The Art of Conan, arriving later this month.”

What exactly does that mean?!

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I saw that too. Thought there was a few more coming


That means it’s the end of the books planned for the kickstarter. There are more Conan books planned for the future.


There is a whole bunch of stuff for Wave 4 and Wave 5 planned that is probably not in the original Kickstarter.

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Fantastic journey. I really can’t wait to buy all hardcovers for this magnificent games and setting.

I hope Modiphius will not make the ■■■■ move and release Conan 2d20 v2 anytime soon and drop support for the old products in order to make $$$. Please don’t go Hasbro way. :smiley:


I second that. Awesome game, if there was a v2 at all, just reshape the core rule book and make it easier to use (e.g. rules all over the place - known and overly discussed issues) <3


This is not bad idea at all! They have a lot of supplements now with rules and items. I see in wave 4 there will be armory book or something, but aggregating all rules into single book at the end will be great. D&D did somethign similar with their Rules & Magic Item compendium, basically the best books in the 3.5 line.

Having Conan 2d20 immediately after they are done will be deal break for me as I already invested shitload (and plan to) of money in the print products.

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After the catastrophy that is the revised version of Conan the Wanderer it does not look good for Conan 2D20, because even if Modiphius publishes any of the books of Wave 4 most of the fans will not buy them because they are angry about what happened with Conan the Wanderer and how Modiphius handled the criticism on the changes made to that particular book. They fear that the new books will receive the same treatment and will not stay true to the source material anymore.

So, one botched book will bring this line to its premature end!


That could well be. The handling - or better not-handling - of the problems with Conan the Wanderer stumped my before that very high enthusiasm for Conan 2d20 products quite a bit.

Should the upcoming Conan books of Wave 4 and Wave 5 proceed to force upon the customers the same political activism as with Conan the Wanderer, this will become a no-buy reason.


I suppose this thread will soon be closed…

And that would be a mistake because it would only amplify our fears.


Or maybe just a smaller, cheaper quickstart style guide that aggregates the core rules?

If they release anything else in the line I will definitely have a “wait and see” mentality before I buy it. One huge issue for me is that support needs to get better for the items they have already released . Another issue is the recent debacle that shall not be named. Realistically I expect an announcement in the near future, something along the lines of ‘due to the current pandemic, cuts had to be made, priorities changed, Yada Yada, further Conan waves canceled’. I hope I’m proven wrong on all these points.

Not considering “that which cannot be named”… you got the point!! The number of entries for the Conan lines in the Modiphius emails during the last couple of years is pretty small, if compared to Star Trek and other lines.

And we still need PDF errata to support/ clarify issues with past books (Skelos has still so many problems after 4 years!!!).

I guess that more than one people starts feeling that the Modiohius’ work on Conan is getting slower and slower. Conan seems on its way to get to the “Mutant Chronicles” status (= an abandoned line), albeit we all know that there are still many books which are yet to be published since they were announced.


We need a Wine and Wenches supplement to cover Taverns and Brothels. :smirk: Just putting that out there.


Well, I doubt I will be getting any more books from here, unless they start supporting their products better… Just get me my last wave.


Probably I will do the same - purchase the remaining of the wave in physicals so I can complete the product line and collection and be done. Many things that I don’t like start to happen.


I disagree. I have almost all the books now, bar the Wanderer. Even if the one book wasn’t great, it would not detract from all the others. It’s still a great game with hundreds of hours of playing potential. And I think I’m probably in the majority, tbh.
I also think cultural sensitivity IS critical. It’s a game, there to be enjoyed by everyone. And at this time, with the events of this year, it’s even more important.


I still like the Conan 2d20 game, although there were such error-ridden books like the Book of Skelos, which is in my opinion the worst, still. And the lack of support, after now years of asking for clarifications especially regarding the Sorcery issues, is disheartening.

As I said: it is still a very good game, but some of the books are in dire need of errata and clarifications.