Voyager Crew for download?

Does anyone know if we are going to be seeing a crew download similar to the TOS, TNG and DS9 sheets we have been able to purchase?

I can understand if we are waiting for the Delta Quadrant book, but I know those others came out early.

Ok just wondering…thanks!

Yep. Both the VOY crew and ENT crew packs are in the works. Expect to see them both released in the coming months.


Thanks! I don;t know why I didn’t get notified of the response…but glad to hear all the same!!

Available here now as part of Modiphius’s Cyber Monday sale.

Soon on DTRPG as well. I’ll update the post once I get the DTRPG link. Enjoy!

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Great! Instant purchase! :slight_smile: But how did I again miss this being published, reading the Modiphius EMail newsletter? /o\

Anyway, great product. Only the artwork for Seven/Kes/Neelix looks a bit out of place compared to the others’. Also: Species description for both Ocampa and Talaxians are missing – can I expect to see them in the Delta Quadrant sourcebook?

Hologram character stats! Pretty well done there, however the Liberated Borg stats look like it’s very easily overpowered.

the character stats are higher, than normal chracters… is it an error? who messed up the graphics of the characters? they look really bad and there are some errors in the pictures!

Perhaps after 7 years in the Delta Quadrant they received enough Milestones to improve 3 attributes permanently?

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It’s a valid question. The first three sets were built like PCs; these are built as Major NPCs. Why is that?

It’s an error. There’s discussion on the Star Trek Adventures facebook group covering the same thing - an honest mistake made during editing. @Modiphius-Jim has already said that he’s looking into the errors to get them corrected.


That’s kinda what I thought. Thanks!

Yep, already working on fixing the errors. We’ll get the revision pushed out to purchasers as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

will you fix the grafics 2?

DTRPG version is available as well.

We’re currently revising the stat blocks and other minor text errors, and checking with our partner to see if we can get higher-resolution images. Thanks for your patience!


Will we see the ENT crew some day? Or the DIS crew?

BTW I do not think that the liberated Borg drone is overpowered. Every implant gives a certain advanzage but the increased difficulty of Medicine Task and in the increased Complication ranged balance this out.

Yes, we will.

No, as of our latest information, we will not.

We currently do not have licensing to do anything with Discovery.

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