New DS9 Chracters

Star Trek Adventures: Deep Space Nine Player Characters PDF is live on the store. Containing stats for your DS9-era crew and yes…we finally welcome Ferengis and Changelings as playable species.


Very cool.

Is this going to be made part of the PDF collection, or does it need to be purchased separately?

Thank you I love DS9.

Now I can run STA around DS9 now.

Piece, sorry, no. The PDF collection is for 9 specific books. The characters are not one of those books

What about the Borg Cube and Borg Drone?
The previous two character sets were included with those, but no sign of the DS9 characters in my Drone bundle yet…

(I didn’t even receive an email. I found out via Twitter.)

I’m looking into it.

Isn’t there instructions for making playable ferengi in the core book? I’m sure there is, as I’ve had one in my campaign.

Either way, nice addition to keep updating the sets. May dip into them If I want to run a bajoran sector centred campaign. Even better if you enjoy playing the main characters.

@Modiphius-SteveH, just as an information point, the TOS and TNG sets were retrofitted into the PDF Collection, so it’s not unreasonable to think that this one should be, too. Y’all’s call, of course, but FYI, you’ll likely get this question a lot (and again when the VOY and ENT sets drop).

The attribute modifiers and species trait for Ferengi are in the corebook alongside the NPCs, but the DS9 characters booklet turns that into a full PC species writeup, with a pair of unique Ferengi talents.


PGoodman, I asked Sam and that’s what he told me.

It’s all good. I just didn’t want to double up if they were going to be included like the TOS and TNG characters.

PGoodman, the DS9 characters and all future character sets are seperate purchase items. The TOS and TNG sets were given to the assorted PDF subscribers (Borg Cube, Birg Drone and PDF subscribers) as a bonus. A little thank you for your big purchase.

That’s cool, Steve, and I completely understand. Like someone said earlier, didn’t want to double down and create a bigger headache later.

The character sheets are really useful, even if you’re not running the actual canon characters it’s helpful just want to see how familiar faces are built in STA, and get some inspiration from those.

Is there any reason why Jake Sisko and Ezri Dax aren’t included? I’m guessing that’s either because of the default setting being 2371 when one was a child and Jadzia still alive, or because DS9 had such a large cast of secondary characters you have to stop somewhere. I’m curious whether we should expect to see Seven-of-Nine or Kes or both in the Voyager write-ups (and that makes me think about a campaign where Kes isn’t as underutilised as she was on Voyager…).


I imagine that Jake isn’t included because he’s a civilian with very limited life experience and skills (Quark may be a civilian, but he has a lot of varied skills and previous careers to draw on for his abilities).

As for Ezri, I’d guess it could be the same reason that Pulaski isn’t included in the TNG set, her appearances directly oppose Crusher’s appearances in the show (Yar stays in because she served at same time as Worf, so there’s no conflict). With Ezri, you can’t have her appear without Jadzia not being present.

Finally got a chance to look through the PDF.

Really curious as to the reasoning behind Sisko only having a Presence of 8. In a show full of characters with strong personalities, Avery Brooks dominates whatever scene he’s in.

And I realise that the realities of having the system have some balance necessarily requires there be trade-offs – I’m not sure game balance is all that important but that’s a whole other conversation – but a dude that’s able to big dog Picard having such a low Presence seems ridiculous. Kira’s also seems low; Nana Visitor is the only other actor on the show to play it as big as Brooks.

On the other hand, it’s cool Ferengi and Changeling stats. I’m a bit surprised those weren’t held back until that Alpha and Gamma Quadrant books respectively.

Regarding future character supplements, is there any chance we might get a villains PDF? Dukat and Kai Winn were fairly noticeable by their absence. Other characters who could be included would be Tomalak, Lore, Weyoun, the Borg Queen, the Changeling Leader, Liquidator Brunt FCA, DaiMon Bok, Sela, Seska, Edington, and the best Klingons, Lursa and B’Etor could all make for fun characters to throw against Next Gen era crews.


The write-ups are great. I was very happy to see Garak included, but I was confused to see a medical skill of 3. Even if he used to poison to eliminate some of his targets (which was not expressly mentioned, but was perhaps alluded to the possibility), 3 seems like pretty high. I think bumping up his command, conn, science, or even engineering would be more appropriate.

Maybe it alludes to some methods of torture and his ability to modify his pain relief implant?

It would be interesting to get the writers of these write ups to do a little Q&A and go through their logic for the choices they made. Everyone will make characters differently with slightly different visions of what that character can do in terms of stats, so I would certainly be intrigued in the thought process behind these, and all other character write-ups.

@Section31 I see quite a palette of the activities Garak might actually get his medical skills high, aside of the poison, as a trained assassin he might have had a vast knowledge about the organs of his potential targets to know how to harm them best (through the hints it seems he has been involved in different assassination schemes through out his career). Aside of being the assassin he also have been a torture master as mentioned by @SilentP13426, so this would also give him some internal organs knowledge. And plus through out the entire series there has been at least one instances where I recall he has used some medical skills on knowledge on himself - when he tried to countermeasure the device in his head.