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Star Trek Adventures Online Character Generator

Star Trek Adventures has a new online Character Creation app which lets you develop your character and save it as a PDF, you can also create ships and NPCs. It’s still in beta testing but give it a whirl and let us know what you think!


Very smooth for the most part, any hint as to when it’ll be updated with content from new books such as the Beta Quadrant book?

Also is there a good way to report a bug in the creator? I found one problem during randomisation, though it may have been fixed since.

Sorry I have no information to share at the moment about updating the Character. Generator.

On the left of the interface, in the LCARS graphics. There are three words. The bottom one says Feedback. Click on that and ut ooens a form that you can use to communicate directly with the creator.

D’oh! I should have seen that!

In any case, I retested it (last time I tried it and the error came up it was about a month ago), it seems the problem has since been fixed anyway :slight_smile:

The best way is to use the “Feedback” button, as Steve H suggested. That way, I can organize all feedback properly.

About the Beta Quadrant, Command Division and Operations Division. There are negotiations ongoing about these books, but I cannot promise anything at this time, sorry.

Brilliant App, found no bugs, very helpful


Thank you.

Awesome, thanks Wendigo!

This is such a cool thing. There seems to be a belief that online character generators hamper sales in some way. I totally don’t agree. Online character generators help players by getting them into the game faster. We had a new player just bought the book. But was struggling a little with character creation. So we suggested sitting down with his book and doing the online one but follow each of the steps in the book as he did it. Its so useful. As a GM its awesome I can quickly do things before the game.

I would also like to see more content. My game they wanted a Oberth Class vessel which wasn’t in the game. I’ve ordered the new books from my local store but having it expanded over time would be great.

A random star system generator wouldn’t be bad either. I’ve been caught a couple of times needing to make up a system on the fly.


Great idea about system generator, I will consider it.

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I really like it, I was having trouble with both the directions in the quick-start guild and now that I have it the book. I haven’t fully tested the Ship part yet. One thing that would help though- is a place to write PC history and rooms for longer values.

Continueing voyage has a real nice sheet that matches the PDFs the creator makes for you and it’s a blank, fillable PDF sheet.

Thanks! Ill cheek it out

Good news. The online character creator tool now supports content from the Beta Quadrant, Command Division and Operations Division books. Enjoy :smiley:


That’s cool. Glad you got the negotiations ironed out.

Edit* tried generating a character. I could not select the new Academy tracks nor the new career event presented in Operations

Is this available to everyone, even if they haven’t bought a copy of the books?

It is, but it will reference a few things you will have no clue about :slight_smile:

Haha nice. That’s certainly one way of doing it. “You can have these things, but I’m not gonna tell you what they do!”
Will be very useful for putting together all my npcs

It is the best we could do to somehow make sure people buy the books :wink:

In the Operations Book is a new Track for the Carreer, Recruited by Starfleet Inteligence. Is it worked in into the Character Generator?