A random crewman generator and Tamarian Playable Species

Hey there!

I’ve recently been bitten by the bug making random generators, and have several underway to help streamline my star trek adventure campaigns and work as GM aids. First off the line is my random NPC generator Star Trek Adventures Random NPC Generator by BasiliskOnline

This generator currently contains 26 known species and a random alien crewman. There are some non traditional Federation species in there (as my game is set later and there is more wide range available), but they are still set at fairly low return odds.

The Generator generates: name, species, rank, age, description, attributes, disciplines and focuses, as well as linking sources for information.

I plan to continually update it as i find the time! (ive already added Denobulans to the non live updated version)

I also dropped Tamarians as a playable STA Species: Tamarian by BasiliskOnline

Which includes a couple custom feats, I really like this one:

When you and another Character share an experience, you may spend 1 momentum to gain a trait named for a mythological allegory that explains the bond that is shared between you two. Additionally, anytime that allegory would apply to the situation and you are assisting them or being assisted by them, either of you can re-roll one d20.

This trait is quasi-permanent and remains until you decide it is no longer relevant, or it is replaced by another.

hope you enjoy! Feel free to drop in on with any thoughts or wishlists for generator additions or generators (though i cant promise speed)

Example of what you’ll find