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New Species for Your Enjoyment

Hi all,

I’ve been collecting my own list of species over the last year or so, so I thought I’ll write them down and share them. Please note that this is largely not original content but rather compiled from other sources, mostly Memories Alpha and Beta and the Star Trek Adventures books.

The document contains 47 species for your enjoyment. You probably know a lot of these species already thanks to the awesome community work of other users here. Originally, none of my species had any talents, but thanks to the Species' derived from existing talents thread I was inspired and gave them all existing talents, some slightly modified to fit better.

You can download it from here:


Great work! Skimmed through it, especially liked your choice of talents for the Romulans, Pakled (“Fool’s Luck”!), Takaran, Tamarian, and many others.

Also: Very nice layout!


Awesome. Thanks!

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What is this?

Into the Breach (Lurian)

I can’t seem to find the description anywhere.

It’s from the Lurian species in the Gamma Quadrant sourcebook.

Oh, this is brilliant! And timely! Thanks for all the work!

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Great stuff. I love that you include the visuals for the species. I can’t tell you how much I hate seeing a new species block in an ‘official’ book with out SOME sort of visual. Star Trek alone has been out there 50+ years and that’s before you mix in countless other sci fi series (It’s not like we watch just one) So species that aren’t “The biggies” are easily forgotten visually in one’s memory. A simple pic like you’ve included does WONDERS to remind us whom we’re talking about.

Good work.


Hello there!

In setting up a species template for myself and any species my group or myself may come up with, I tried it out with Alpha Centaurans. I included variants in both black and white backgrounds, as well as both Voyager uniform and First Contact uniform variants.

Hopefully they’ll be useful for someone!


Nice job I really it.

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New Version. Change log:

Removed species:

  • Orion

New species:

  • Antaran
  • Automated Personnel Unit (Cravic/Praylor)
  • Brekkian & Ornaran
  • Exocomp
  • Kaelon
  • Kzinti
  • Medusan
  • Pandronian

Talent changes:

  • Barzan
    • Knowledge Equals Profit → A Better Path
  • Chalnoth
    • Thermal Regulation → Nimble
  • Mizarian
    • Regimented Mind → A Better Path
  • Krenim
    • Particle Engineering → Time Refraction
  • Species 116
    • Positronic Brain → Mental Imaging
  • Terrellian
    • Infectious Nature → Charming Demeanor


  • Fixed typos
  • Updated some images

Edit: Even newer version.

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