An updated version of Star Trek Adventures: PDF Collection is available for download

I love that you are informed when there’s a modification in pdf but with this product I really wanted to know which one(s) in the pack have been updated.

Huh, weird. I don’t recall any recent changes. I’ll bug the team on Monday.

Character sheets?

Yeah, I wanna know which ones have been updated as well. No sense in keeping old and outdated information! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The mail was made the 9th of December, I’m a slow reaction guy and I didn’t want to download all the books. I’ve made the post because I thought that the mail could be improved by writing which book need to be downloaded again, especially in collections.
Maybe it was just character sheets (I have another e mail for them because I have downloaded them separately once) In this case it’s a bandwidth waste.

Oh it’s that long ago; character sheets were updated.