Star Trek Adventures State of Play Survey

We have a new survey available for Star Trek Adventures. Check it out and let us hear your thoughts on the game and what you want to see more of in the coming years. #LLAP


Well, this is the appropriate time and place to quote Queen. I want it all. And I want it now.
Great to see what’s on the “well, let’s hear what the community is thinking” part of your whiteboard. All great stuff!

But regardless of this: Any chance to see some of the answers? I’m so curious that Dr. M’Qrell is leading a very dangerous life, right now. :slight_smile:

Filled mine.
Curious about the results.

Same here :+1:

I did mine, and I encouraged members of my ship to sign up as well.

I filled it out, some interesting options. I would love to see a Kelvin timeline supplement. No need for a whole core book, since the species and gameplay is the same, just something with spaceframes and lore.