Modiphius Plays... Star Trek Adventures - PART FOUR!

It’s time for Part Four of our actual play of Star Trek Adventures!

As always, please do give us your feedback - and if there is anything else you’d like to see in a video like this in the future, let us know!

:vulcan_salute: :star2: :vulcan_salute:


Good fun once again. This seems to be my Friday lunchtime activity now.

This Week - “Don’t worry guy’s, I’ve got Endurance…”
Next Week - “Does my Endurance do anything?”…“No”

FYI @Modiphius-Steve do you mean to leave this post uncategorised?

Thanks for the kind words! And the spot - nope, that was meant to be in the STA category. Fixed now!

Love the adventure so far can’t wait for more.

I’m fascinated by the miniature setting. The five-sided obelisk is the same one we see in the two-page spread from pages 67-68 of the rule book. Did someone build the obelisk from the artwork? Or vice-versa?

As far as I’m aware, the obelisk was based off the art.

We knew we wanted to recreate that so it happened pretty soon after the art was finalised.

I liked the personal log sum-up in the start of the episode, with each episode one week apart, but actually happening back to back I got a bit lost :wink::+1:

(Personal experience note: I have realized that it is difficult to track the events of an RPG campaign when the real time flows quicker than the time in-campaign :grinning:.)