Modiphius Plays... Star Trek Adventures - Part THREE

Here is the third part of our Star Trek Adventures actual play!

Something a little different for this one, as we switch back into orbit to see how the USS T’Vrol deals with a Romulan Warbird.

Hope you enjoy - and let us know if you’ve got any thoughts about it, or have any suggestions for future playthroughs.

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Really enjoying these, but noticed a couple of mis-steps on behalf of Sam (evidently being the most knowledgeable).

Instead of adding bonus damage momentum should have been spent for penetration to lower resistance.

Also, presuming the Engineer was in Engineering then difficulty should have been reduced by 1.

Regardless these are a lot of fun to watch.

“Shall I repair or raise shields?” - “Let’s Do It!”


@Modiphius-Sam is now at risk of spending an afternoon in an agony booth. :zap:

Glad you’re enjoying the series!


Another great episode. Can’t wait to see part 4.

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I advise use most momentum for Piercing to reduce the Enemy’s resistance.

Yep. Only boost damage after and only to get that sweet breach.

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