System Focused Podcasts?

I’m curious if there are any podcasts out there about Star Trek Adventures. I’m looking for something like Order 66 is for FFG’s Star Wars - player and GM focused, not a live play.

I haven’t seen any thus far, but I thought it might be worth a quick post. Is anyone aware of (or better yet - making) something?



I’ve not heard of any podcasts that approach the game from that subject - that’s not really something I’ve looked much into - but if you look up the Complex Games Apologist on YouTube, he’s got a number of mechanics-and gameplay-focussed videos about Star Trek Adventures.


Thanks! I will look at that. I should also note (since it should and will be suggested :slight_smile: ) that I have watched a significant portion Shield of Tomorrow. Not all, but a good chunk.

If you’re here and somehow haven’t heard of this series by Geek and Sundry, here’s a link.

If you search Star Trek Adventures RPG on Youtube there will be several (4, maybe) groups that podcast their play. It is useful to watch Shield of Tomorrow, it is easy to miss the mechanics, but they are there. They try and explain them as they go.

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This is something that we would be interested in listening to. Not live play, but mechanics and commentary

Sounds like a gap someone with the time and ability should do. :slight_smile: Maybe ask the folks at Continuing Mission if they want to add a podcast to their repertoire.


The Terrible Warriors Run through the Living Campaign.
And had three Interviews with Writers for Star Trek Adventures, one was with Jim here.


Great show. although the did get some of the mechanics not quite right, especially at the beginning. so be careful if you are learning.

Oh, yes, Steve-TTR is right, don’t listen to their Mechanics
Enjoy the Story and that HR is run by a Mek’leth.

Yeah, that was the issue I had with it. Especially the definition of “advantages” and the result of die rolls. To be fair, their GMS run a lot of different games, so it would be easy to get confused over terminology.

I would heartily recommend their Ghostbusters and Deadlands games by the way. I have yet to see this level of character roleplaying outside of live action games!

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I’ve actually been considering doing this podcast. I’d focus on a blend of mechanics/rules discussions, product reviews, and in depth discussion of species/ships/talents/equipment. If that’s something folks are actually interested in, then I’ll look harder.

As a sort of introduction to my own campaign’s podcast, I did an episode 0 that introduced our setting, characters, and format, but also covered at least the rudimentary aspects of the system.

Here’s the link to the episode but it is admittedly only one short piece of a broader episode. If people find it helpful, I could maybe take a stab at doing another bonus episode more focused on game mechanics.