New DS9 Chracters

I could see that justifying a rating of 2, but maybe 3. Still, I think his piloting skills were showcased at least as much as his medical skill. In any case, I’m glad that he was included.

Yeah, Garak with the Medical of 3. That was all poisons, torture and self-sustainability. Being able to keep torture victims alive throughout a long-term interrogation seemed like it would require that.

As for Sisko’s Presence of 8, IIRC, it wasn’t that low in the rough draft, but we needed some balance. I’m an unabashed Sisko fan, so it stung to do it. I chose to portray him as the tactician and warrior that he became. both a cerebral tactician and starship designer and a tough fighter.

The thing about Ben is that he can push away people who are trying to help. So while he takes no guff from others and can cow lesser men, he’s not really a “people person”. Dude gets so lost in his obsessions rather than people.

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The thing about Ben is that he can push away people who are trying to help. So while he takes no guff from others and can cow lesser men, he’s not really a “people person”. Dude gets so lost in his obsessions rather than people.

That’s kind of my takeaway from the character. Outside of his Command Discipline, he gets easily flustered and caught off guard.

Will we ever see the crew w rite ups and the pd f adventures in print?
I’d hate to spend the money on electronic versions and have to rebuy them in hardcopy.

Probably not but if we do and you have purchased the PDF, contact before you buy the hard cooy and we’ll discount the cost of the PDF from the cost of the actual book.

Does this go for any other books that may have been purchased? (Example, I bought the Command Division pdf from the Modiphius store.) Also, does that discount apply if we buy the physical copy from an alternate shop/supplier? (I doubt that part, but just thought I would ask.)

That policy applies to everything we sell. Unfortunately we can’t give you a discount to any store but our own. However if you buy the PDF and can provide proof of purchase from another vender, such as Drive Thru RPG, it will apply.

Conversely, if you buy the print book from your FLGS ir other vender, send suppor tproof of purchase and we’ll send you the PDF free.

Well, can’t blame me for asking on the second part. :stuck_out_tongue: I still need to get the pictures off my phone and send them in for the Starter Set. I’ve just been lazy.

No problem, it was a good question.

Speaking of good questions, I asked this of Support but didn’t really get a response back on this part other than ‘I’ll send this question to my boss to find out.’

The gamemaster screen purchase from the store comes with the TOS and TNG crew supplement pdfs. Is there any way for that to be changed to ‘Pick 2 crew supplements’?

My group doesn’t really care for TOS, so that particular crew supplement is useless to me, and I would prefer the DS9 crew in it’s place. I would like to purchase the GM screen with the reference sheets in order to have 2 copies of them (starter set comes with them as well), but if I could get the GM Screen with TNG and DS9 crews instead of TOS and TNG, then that would be a much better purchase option. Otherwise I may just forgo purchasing the GM Screen and just grab the TNG and DS9 crews.

As support said, the boss will have to make that call. Well above my paygrade, but I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

My use of any famous character, be it DS9 or any other:
I try not to use them, because they probably dominate the play.
They may appear, but only as side guests

Thank you, I would appreciate any news on that front, be it positive or negative on being able to choose which crew supplement.

Ah, that’s disappointing, but understandable. I’ve been planning to ask about that, as I got one of the PDF collections, but subsequently bought the Command Division through the FLGS. I was also bought the Beta Quadrant book as a gift. I’ve been planning to get the rest in hard copy as I now have the money and I like the content!

So if I understand correctly - if I have the PDF and want to get the hard copy, I can only get a “rebate” if I buy directly from you?



True. You need to get it from our online store to be able to get the reduced price.

Thanks - it’s good to know. The shipping cost usually puts me off, plus I want to support the local store, but if I bundle them together, that’ll make it worthwhile.

@Stephen: But Sisco bounces back like a champ. He is very clever and is able to create opportunities for solutions no other Captain would think of.

@Michael_Romanov: One of our GM’s over uses famous characters to the extreme. Our other GM handles them with a light touch, as helpers and background support. The latter is a good mix.

I don’t know why, but it seems to me, that many players lost the ability to think of themselves and creative, when famous characters appear within the mission.
For example:
In one of my first adventure the players should pick up the Dream Team (Kirk, Spoock and Bones) and ferry them to Earth for the next Enterprise. The idea was to gives the crew the possibility to shine in front of the famous three. But somehow the players said everytime: ‘I ask Kirk, what he is thinking of this’ , or ‘I ask Spock…’ or ‘I ask Bones…’
In the end I let Spock say:“Fascinating, that you choose the Command Division, with your inability to make your own decisions. Maybe you should change to a lesser demanding branch, like the Marine Corps!”


That could just be the Players trying to portray their hero-worship of those three characters. I would have chosen a few particular responses for each character, and gone with a few of them. Below are some examples I would use:

Kirk: After sighing dramatically, sets his book in his lap and yanks off his glasses. “Can’t you see I am trying to read?”
Stares at the character for a few moments longer than necessary. “How did you ever manage to graduate from the Academy?”

Bones: Lets out a grumble. “Damnit, man… I am a Doctor, not a Strategist!”
Complains loudly. “How the bloody hell should I know?”

Spock: Raises one eyebrow. “Fascinating.” (No further response other than staring at them.)
Folds his hands behind his back and tilts his head slightly. “I believe you may (or may not) be heading towards the correct conclusion, however, more data must be gathered to form a valid hypothesis.”