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Is there a timeline on these yet, Jim?

what’s the chances of Star Trek Discovery

I’m not sure Modiphius holds the right to exploit the Discovery franchise.

Until now, every time the question arose, Modiphius told us that Discovery was outside of their license. I am sure we are being told the moment this changes.

Am I… AM I??? :wink:

They said the same about JJTrek…
… but note that the Modiphius staff keep including Discovery in their ideas of canon…
… and not JJTrek.

ENT and VOY are dependent on licensor approvals and graphic artist resources.

Discovery’s not part of our license yet. Same with JJVerse; as for JJVerse, other than some setting text and stat blocks for the handful of ships we see on screen and that big space station, everything else would be largely the same, rules-wise. I could stat all that stuff up using the STA resources available now.

and the JJVerse Conny inexplicably being size 6 or so :slight_smile:

You’re thinking of the warship Kahn helped design in Into Darkness. That one was scale 6, not the regular Connie.

The official measurement of the Kelvin Timeline Constitution-class starship have it at nearly 700 meters, slightly longer than the scale 6 Galaxy-class. The Vengeance is more in line with a Romulan Warbird in size.

The Romulan D’deridex Warbird is scale 6 in STA. Also, I am not sure those are remotely accurate or official measurements for the Constitution.

Do you have a link for the official measurements? I know there are some measurements on Memory Beta wiki, but I don’t think that qualifies as an official source. (It is a great source of information and guidelines, but I do not think it is an official source.)

There’s a difference here between personal views and what is allowed to be published as a licensed product.

Personally speaking, I include Discovery in my overall understanding of the Star Trek franchise (“personal canon” or “their ideas of canon” is contradictory to the notion of canon). I technically include Kelvinverse concepts too, but as it operates in a distinct alternate timeline, it doesn’t come up as often (the main considerations are any references to things which occurred prior to timeline divergence in 2233, such as the demobilisation of United Earth MACO forces after the Romulan War, and anything that occurred in older Spock’s timeline prior to his time travel, such as the destruction of Romulus).

I cannot reference those things in any official product in the Star Trek Adventures range. But that doesn’t mean I am required to exclude them from my own perceptions of the setting, or that I have to avoid discussing them on a personal basis.


I’m assuming that Star Trek : Picard is also a no go area for official stuff (damn paramount is throwing their IP everywhere. Abrams, Netflix and now Amazon Prime)

As licensing is done on a show-by-show basis, it’s safe to assume that we won’t have anything to tie into the new shows unless there’s an announcement saying otherwise.


Technically, that’s Paramount throwing their IP at Abrams and CBS throwing their IP at CBS All Access, then licensing foreign access to Netflix and Amazon… :crazy_face:

I can’t give “official”, but the designers are on record as to its size in a number of interviews - and careful viewing of the movies supports it - Vengeance is huge (1.6 km IIRC - but that is the same length as a d’deridex)! Ex Astris Scientia has (I believe) some discussion on the subject.

Notably, a similar issue applies to the Discovery version of Enterprise, which has grown to around 440 meters in length (as opposed to the original 299). Discovery is supposedly 750m long - although much of that is engine.

Memory Beta btw, works on the same basis as Memory Alpha and Wikipedia. It’s not official, but it is based on information given in published sources. The difference between it and Alpha is that Alpha restricts itself to material seen on screen - Beta includes material from books, games and official online sources. (STA-originated material appears in Beta). The measurements for the AU vessels given there are likely from the Star Trek Starship Collection publications, which means it’s what TV Tropes would call “word of god” - not canon, but from the creators.

Star Trek Encyclopedia 2016 lists the Kelvin timeline Enterprise at 725 meters.

Need Romulan ship tiles :grinning:

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And Borg , haven’t found anything suitable for them online yet

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Going through DriveThru RPG, I found these which make for decent stand ins for Borg tiles.

When you reference them from an official Modiphius account, it implies they are affecting the official product. It gives the appearance of canonicity for the game.

The Books might not reference them but DM’s can is what I think Nathan is saying

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