Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek Discovery iconic characters?

I have a feeling that this game’s license probably would not allow this, but I’d love to see iconic characters writeups for Star Trek Enterprise and Discovery. In the case of the latter, I’d especially like to see Captain Pike and his crew statted and characters like Michael Bernham, Stamets, Lorca, etc.

If Modiphius cannot do this officially, have any of you taken a stab at it?

As I understand the license, Enterprise is on the table.

DSC isn’t in the current license, but as a fan I have taken a shot at Pike. I also did Tilly and Georgiou and then I saw a shiny object…

ENT is done (I wrote it), but is in the RPG version of Development Hell for a variety of reasons. I’m of the understanding that there has finally been some movement, however. It’s been out of my hands for some time, though.


I know it’s been stated before, but Modiphius does not have a license to produce any content related to Discovery or Picard. Hope to change that in the future.

We do have the license for ENT, and the ENT pack is forthcoming. Finalizing layout details and approvals now. I expect it’ll be released sometime in the next 6 weeks, barring any unforeseen issues outside our control.


I grabbed your Pike writeup, PGoodman13, but where can I snag your other character writeups, please?

Here’s Tilly.

Here’s Georgiou.

And then I got distracted. With yesterday’s announcement, I suppose I should pick that back up, though.

May I ask why you have Pike a 3 science? The Failing grade in astrophysics makes me think that runs contrary to that choice?

He’s not stupid. That F could have been anything from an over-ambitious course load to a pretty girl distracting him.

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True, but an F in astrophysics suggests to me that he’s not so strong in his science skills. That and he tends to reduce scientific terms. If it were me I’d strip it down to 1 or 2 then bump his security.

Could you legally write up Pike and Number One (without her name) and Dr. Boyce based on their appearance in “The Menagerie” ?

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We could, sure. They’re canonical characters and within our license.


I am definitely picking up anything ENT related. I absolutely love that show!