CGI Characters for character sheets

I posted a pic in the klingon miniature thread but thought it would be nice to have its own thread. I have been working on some CGI versions of my crew using Character Creator 3. I think it really helps visualise your character.

I am also looking into animating some comms sequences using iclone 7 for when you receive an incoming message from starfleet or other ships. Do you think that would add immersion to the game?

Anyway a few of my characters so far.

Captain Sarah Ashworth

Lieutenant Commander Aiden O’Donnel (Chief Engineer)

Lieutenant T’Sel (Science Officer)

Lieutenant Anbara Sul (Conn)

The T’Sel one needs work I think but pretty happy so far, would be nice to have these on the character sheets but there isn’t much space for a good sized picture.

Anyway comments welcome.



Looking great! Since I played, I’ve always wanted such softwares to better visualise characters of my games. In the thread you mentioned, you also mentioned that you maybe wanted to re-do the uniforms in Blender. Keep us posted on any progress, please! :smiley:

Yes I would need to be convinced to buy the CC3 software before updating the uniforms. If I do I will redo the uniforms in blender in high quality. the CC3 software is expensive though but having dipped my toe into Daz it is so much better for creating custom characters using CC3.

There is also the natural benefit of using iClone 7 for animated stuff with lip syncing built in as well.

Do those hairdos comply with Starfleet regulations? :smile_cat:

Yes all of them. :laughing:

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I learned that there’s MakeHuman to work with e.g. Blender. It’s free and OpenSource, but probably lacks some features CharacterCreator 3 provides…

I have make human. Its not very good really. To be honest I think I am now spoiled with CC3. The level of detail even the skin textures is madness let alone the tools for shaping the faces.

Yeah, I already thought so. And it’ll probably easier to shape aliens in CC3 than in MakeHuman, as far as I am reading the respective websites.

I, personnally, lack any skills in 3D art and cannot comment on any software. I just thought one should mention the alternatives that are not so expensive as the pro tools. :slight_smile:

Oh I agree absolutely.

Very cool.
I’ve CC3 where did you get the uniforms.
I’ve used Star Trek onle for most of my pictures.
I also started working on Blender for VTT maps.
Below you can find one of the Borg tiles I’ve been working on.

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I used a bog standard jumpsuit thing and retextured it myself, was a rush job though so would really dig a proper job in Blender.

Your borg tiles are looking really good, I’m planning on building my ship bridge as a physical model in scale with the 32mm figures.

My daughters character that she did last night.
Commander Nilani Tanan (First Officer)

It seems my ship is becoming a vessel of the Valkyries! So many female players in the group!

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Those look great.
Since Daz got mentioned they used to have a Daz/Poser Star Trek sections on a few forums that would have list all the Daz/Poser Trek models, etc. that people and links to them. I have about 4gigs of stuff that was just for characters and background. I’ll have to see if I have the links to the files. I hink I saved one of the old forum posts when I download all the stuff a few years back.

“These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Valkyrie…” :metal:

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For 199, I’ll just use STO’s character generator.

I probably wouldn’t buy it specifically for this. It does produce fully rigged models for animarion and gaming though.

I like it. Worth considering.

If you are talking about STO the mmo… It is free to play. In theory you could sign up and use the character creator and not play at all.

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I’m hoping to put my 3D art skills to use at some point and improve them, not just for STA. Making characters, costumes, and perhaps even scenes (“miniatures”), including ships from Trek/Wars/-gate. Throw it all in the Unreal Engine. At least then I have some practical use for everything I’ve learned so far without having to make an entire video game.

But the character creator in that is very poor, everyone looks the same to one degree or another.

Yes I am hoping to do some CGI shorts at some point in the future.