New Release Updates

When can we expect any news about Delta and Gamma Quadrant Books and anything after that?

As soon as the press releases make their way through the various channels they need to go through.

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Rest assured that there are plenty of STA wheels turning in the background, and that we have lots of news we want to share with you and the gaming public. Due to STA being a licensed property, and due to Modiphius experiencing stellar growth as a company over the last few years, the process to get a press release together and out to the public has, by necessity, gotten to be more involved than it was in the past. This means a bit more of a delay in getting news out to you, due to many Modiphius product release schedules (not just STA), licensor reviews and approvals of said press releases, etc. etc.

I post on the various STA social media a lot, and I hope you know I’m in your corner as far as being a Star Trek stan and I’ll continue to get news out to you ASAP, when I’m able to do so. Don’t assume a little radio silence means nothing’s happening…because there’s a lot going on and oh my Prophets I can’t wait for you to see it.

A lot of the news is just…cloaked at the moment. :slight_smile: Thanks for listening, and thanks for your patience. Live long and prosper, y’all.


We do appreciate the info as it can become available.

I’ll just use this thread to express my appreciation of the latest email newsletter. It announced new products and gave an estimate when they probably will be released. I like this, please continue to do this, Modiphius. …

Might I enquire as to what was in the newsletter? Or is that the one for Hard Rock Catastrophe?

Hard Rock Catastrophe released on Oct 17, Strange New Worlds release on Oct 24, standalone adventure PDF Stolen Liberty to release Nov 14.


Awesome thank you, I received that, was thinking/hoping there might be something less adventure specific.

Thanks for the updates.