Online Store Oddities

I’ve had this issue with the last few releases: I buy the new (PDF) STA products basically as soon as they’re available. Often, I see them announced in the regular Friday “Modiphius News”.

So I go to the site, and try to find the product, and I can’t find it. (It’s worth mentioning, that I have a strong allergy to being “engagement tracked”, so I basically never click on links in emails).

For example, the Discovery crew book came out a while ago. I kept going to the “Crews” section of the STA collections site, and it’s not listed.

Same with the Starbase Mission Brief. I cannot find it. I would expect these things to be listed under “New Releases” or “PDFs”, but they aren’t. What’s up with that?

(Although as I’ve poked around, it looks like I can find them on the very last page of the “Browse the Entire Collection” page. I still feel like it should be easier, though).


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Probably something to do with how the products are tagged on the backend. I’ll check with them on Monday. Using the search bar or clicking the links will get you there. Though you don’t like clicking links, so…

I’m always being difficult.

Thanks for your help, though,

For them to be on the last page that means you have it sorted in a way other than new to old which is how I do it, puts everything new front and center for me when I browse.

Oh, good point. I hadn’t noticed that sort feature. It looks like I was picking up the default sort of “Featured”.



I have just noticed the fidelity program, a button lost below. Good point once you know it’s here you can apply a code to your current purchase.Bad point you can’t access it from your cart.
Second bad point you got a 5£ reduction (or multiple of this), and you need some external calculations to know it in €
PS: the link leading nowhere in this forum is still there.