Strange new worlds

Hello Modiphius,

i am a big fan of Star Trek Adventures and i am a very curious person. So my question is: When can I expect more information about the new mission book? Hope it is soon :smiley:

Greetings from germany!

No news other than what’s already been provided. Nine new standalone missions, all with ‘strange new worlds’ as a theme, full-color hardcover, expected release is August (though that may slip due to licensor approval times).

one question I have, I felt the inital mission book was kinda Beta Quadrent heavy (a LOT of focus on romulans) will this new book have a more alpha quadrent focus given it releases shortly after the alpha quadrent book comes out? just mildly curious

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Most of the adventures in SNW are quadrant-agnostic. I didn’t specifically tie SNW to the Alpha book, not consciously, anyway. I just skimmed SNW and I don’t see a strong lean toward one quadrant or another. Maybe a bit of a lean toward Alpha given the suggested stardates, but it should be easy for a Gamemaster to adjust the adventures to suit their needs.

alrighty I was just curious. that not it matters, even the ones in the first book are pretty easy to adapt in MOST cases. “no the bad guys ■■■■■■■■ about with the anyaomoly are cardassians not romulans” :slight_smile:

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On the website, the book is scheduled for August. It is now September.

So, if I may ask:
Why do I see neither the book in the shop nor a notice on the website/in the newsletter/forum that there is a delay?

Modiphius-people, I really like your products. And I really like you here in the forums because when you post you seem to care. I appreciate that.

But I am more than disappointed that I do not see the capability for a forum-post/news-entry/newsletter-email indicating a delay. Any “Hey guys, the product is delayed [for some reasons | we can’t tell the reason]. Our latest estimation is [new estimation] and we will keep you posted in case this changes.” will suffice. Note that I do not need a “sorry” or something. But I would really appreciate either keeping estimations or posting a correction before the (self-set!) deadlines expire.

Thank you.


Based on things Modiphius has said in other such threads, several of these releases are delayed while they’re in the hands of CBS, who review/approve all products before they’re made available. I also wonder about whether the recent CBS-Viacom merger stuff has disrupted the processes.

I can’t imagine that repeated announcements that say, “CBS is taking their own jolly time. Again. So we’re late.” is a great way to maintain a good working relationship with the owners of the Trek IP.

I share your impatience: I wish there could be more transparency, but I suspect that as long as we’re dealing with licensed IP like Trek, this is gonna be fairly standard operating procedure.


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News when I can share it. Rest assured the book is coming (not in August, obvs). There are many moving parts, many of which are simply out of Modiphius’s hands (licensor approval time, licensor staff being at many conventions over the summer and not in the office, staff vacations, printer time, distribution time, etc. etc.). The relatively easy part is the writing, editing, and post-production on the books, and I’m pleased to note that none of the STA book drafts have ever been late. (But who cares about that?)

Every fan of every game from every company ever wants more transparency and release dates that are set in stone. With few exceptions, that’s an unrealistic expectation. Announcements will be made as soon as humanly possible once all the pieces fall into place. Trust me, I want everyone to have these books in hand and on the table ASAP. There are processes to follow, though, and sometimes they take time and cause release dates and announcements to slip.


Personally, I’ve never had any issues. Modiphious gets it right in regards to customer treatment, at least from my experiences. Too often, fans of anything believe they have any more say over that which they love than just their appreciation, whether its a kind word - or in the case of products for sale - patronage. Keep up the great work!

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Me neither. Hence the “we can’t tell the reason” option in my notification-draft.

You just did.

Thank you.

I honestly do not care about the reasons for a delay. This is a thing between Modiphius and people-other-than-me and it is really none of my business. But why wait for anyone to ask “hey there, is it still coming?” when you can say “Folks, it will come later than we hoped for, but it will come.”? This is the part I do not understand. “It’s late but still being worked on.” actually IS news – why not share?

@Dytrrnikl I am not arrogate having a say in Modiphius’ products. I am feedbacking their public relations, which, concerning me, personally, fails in regard of announcements of release-dates.


As it happens, sometimes doing editorial jobs for books is part of my work. Thus, I actually do care about that and really envy you this luck. Well done, writers! :slight_smile:

Except in this case Modiphius made an announcement with a release month for a product, which is a commitment to the fans who want to purchase that product. When that month passes by with no release and no news from Modiphius, fans asking for an update is not an unrealistic expectation.

I am in agreement with @MisterX in that a simple update along the lines of:

“Sorry everyone, due to unforseen circumstances / matters outside of our control, this product has been delayed. Rest assured that we will have it on shelves as soon as we can.”

would be greatly appreciated by the community.

We just want to give Modiphius money.



For those that may have missed it in the most recent email (cleverly hidden beneath all the stream information)

Star Trek fans will be pleased to know the Strange New Worlds adventure supplement for STA is launching on the 24th of October and Alpha Quadrant is available now


Thanks, @StephenBirks, I actually did miss it. And I was specifically looking for info concerning Strange New Worlds.

Again, I am mildly irritated by Modiphius’ PR. But that’s obviously just me, so it’s okay.

But strange New Worlds coming in late October leads me to another question: Will I be able order the book so that it will be sent (not necessarily received) prior to Halloween? I hear scary things about the date and wanted to buy the (physical) book earlier than that. And, of course, my physical copy of Alpha Quadrant…

Really great news :slight_smile: Still I have a lot scenarios from “These are the Voyages” to run, but I intend to buy it immediately :slight_smile:

I was wondering why nobody was talking about this! I meant to make a “did you catch that” post, but I was busy at the moment and forgot to do it later.

You’ll be able to order the book from our webstore from October 24th, but depending on where you are in the world please leave 3-10 days for delivery.


I just briefly looked through this book and I must say, that this is really amazing. There are a lot of original artwork, which are both inspiring and beautiful. I do like that some adventures have TOS and ENT setting, with proper graphic layout.

I am really excited and want to thank you for your work.

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You’re welcome! All the art in the book is either original or from the CBS Studios archives. Glad you like it.


I would imagine Star Trek IP management is a challenge to say the least right now.

All the more respect to Modiphius for weathering this and putting out good products.


Quick question: Is Strange New Worlds going to be added to the PDF collection/Borg Cube collection on DTRPG? I only ask because things have been added that I wasn’t expecting (like the Alpha and Beta Quadrant books), and I just wanted to make sure before I bought the PDF on its own. I’m happy to give Modiphius more of my money, especially for this, but I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be a double purchase… :slight_smile:

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