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Living Campaign

In the email dated November 6th that announced that the Ops book was shipping, it said that the next Living Campaign missions were ready to download, but the newest ones are the ones from the summer. Was that overlooked or included accidentally?

That was just an advert for the LC, sorry about the incorrect wording.

Any word on when the next set of adventures will begin to be released?

That’s alright. Just thought I’d check. Thanks for the info. One other question regarding the campaign:
SPOILER ALERT (For Doomed to Repeat the Past)
At the end of “Doomed to repeat the past”, agent Sigmund hails the PCs and a disabled Romulan Warbird can be seen nearby. It seems that no further explanation is given and the story the follows says nothing of it. Any info on that?

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That whole subplot was so weird (even her intro) that I am planning rewriting her role to suit my campaign, tying it to something else. I didn’t see any further info on it in subsequent adventures.

Where can I download the scenarios?

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It seems like the OP was never addressed or I somehow missed the response. Is Living Adventures still active? If so, when is the projected release date for new materials?

Yes it is still active. 2 adventures (1 set in 2371, 1 set in TOS era) were released just a couple of months ago. Projected releases are whenever they have written adventures approved for release. Not entirely sure when that is.

Thank you for the response! I’m glad that it is still active.

Season 1 of both TOS and TNG storylines was completed a couple months ago. More material to come, but we’re working out the release schedule and trying to figure out where it all fits in.

All LC files are available here:

Thank you! Any idea how many seasons they will be?

Not at present. It’s all TBD.

We’re still in the middle of the season 1, and I’ve laid seeds for adventures from the standalone adventures and These are Voyages adventures in case we need to fill time.