Planned Mission books?


I am new to Star Trek adventures and i like it very much. So the question I have: Are there any plans for future Mission books (something like "These are the voyages… Vol. 2) or something like complete campaigns, specially missions/campaigns with borg or the dominion?

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Lots of stuff in the works right now that hasn’t been announced yet. In the meantime, there’s a 3-part mini campaign in the starter set that is also available for sale in PDF - A Star Beyond the Stars

There’s also the Living Campaign, which is two related storylines, one in TOS era and one in TNG era. Lots of episodes in each era available for free here:

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Well that’s easily remedied…announce!! :grin:
Sorry, just a mite excited :wink:

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Thanks for the answer. Yeah i know of the mini-campaign and the living campaign (is the living campaign finished? Will there be another season?)

The mini-campaign i won’t buy as pdf because i am looking for the starter set so i have it in print. It seems for me more attractive :slight_smile:
So i am waiting and looking for more announcements (i believe next year :wink: )