Season 2 of Living Campaign?

Wondering since I’m about to use the season finale of the 2269 campaign and it ends on a wee bit of a cliffhanger. I can definitely run in my own direction but didn’t want to risk going to far from the core campaign.


Very good point. I’ve been padding the time before the last three modules until I see what happens next season. Fleshed out the Shepherd from These are the Voyages and it’s taking us a handful of sessions to enjoy that in full… though my crew’s likely going to be court martialed for their actions during it.

Well, the last time there was any official statement on this, was two and a half months ago and @Modiphius-Jim
a) confirmed that there is more material to come, but
b) also stated that they were “still working out the release schedule and trying to figure out where it all fits in”.

@Modiphius-Jim – any news on the schedule?

@Grendel: There are two free adventures in the ‘Modiphia’-magazine (which has also gone very silent, recently, now that I mention it…) that will blend in perfectly wherever you want it. What I have read from the buyable adventures (These are the Voyages, several stand-alone adventures) is actually quite good (and I never used pre-generated adventures before STA!). If you want to stick to free material, Continuing Missions is always a good point to start searching. :slight_smile:

On the cliffhanger: In case you have not started with the season finale, yet, I would suggest to drop in a few stand-alone episodes, before. :slight_smile:

Discussions continue but no news to report as yet. Gamemasters and players should feel free to take the story in any direction they wish, of course.


The biggest problem is the way Punishment and Crime ends. Even just an idea as to what happens next would be helpful.

I’ve got no problem running my own stuff or other adventures but doing so is likely to make any further Living Campaign stuff a non-entity for us since the ending of that adventure logically leads to very different scenarios. (Trying to avoid spoilers) There’s no guarantee that the way I go is going to match up with the way the Campaign goes which is frustrating since we’ve been enjoying it so far.

And while I can pad it out…I’ve done so for the last few months. My players want some traction on the main plot.

Maybe switch to the prelude? I have to admit that I did not read the scenarios of the living campaign, but I read on the Living Campaign’s website that the stories of the TOS and TNG timelines are connected and part of one plot. So you could try to throw some TOS-episodes in while waiting for the second season while still having traction on the main plot, so to say. Again: I don’t know whether this works or not since I only read the Living Campaign’s website and not the episodes themselves.

We’re running the TOS stuff. My players are TOS fans and were adamant that’s the era they wanted to play in.

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Website?! Is there a seperate website for Living Campaign, that I perhaps do not know about?

Mine is set in the “Lost Years”, after the TOS movies and into the time of The Battle of Narendra III etc. Much freedom is granted to me, here. I have not figured out how to include the Shackleton Expanse in a 2269+ campaign is a bit rockie. So, I am using alternate locations and doing my best to weave Trek Lore into my story so it all fits together. (Sort of, I hope, but probably with a lot of Fransteinian sutures in it).

Probably not. But there is a website dedicated to the Living Campaign at Modiphius with a paragraph under the headline of “Two Eras, One Story”:

This lead me to the assumption that playing adventures from the ‘other’ storyline could deepen everyones’ understanding of the main plot. But, again, I did not read the adventures (yet), because I have no active STA group/campaing.

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While we’re waiting for season 2, any chance of releasing the results from the mission reports and associated statistics?

No, the mission reports and statistics are for internal development use only.

Just thinking out loud here, but Jim’s response makes me ponder some reasons for that…

  1. It avoids crossing into writing a fiction-primary product (which probably is excluded to avoid reducing the value of the novel licenses)

  2. It avoids creating a “right solution” to the adventures

  3. it avoids the temptation of players to read the material which may be played later

  4. there are hints of continuance in the later adventures. (Captain Akul comes to mind).


Given user imput no longer has any effect on subsequent events of season 1, it’s really more a comparative than qualative exercise. And in some cases the adventure arguably has a correct solution or at least an intended destination (the first TNG-era adventure railroading the characters into facing violations of the prime directive without accepting that the PD might not actually be in effect comes to mind)

No more so than the adventures being playable already does.

Again, with the season finished that seems pretty irrelevant

It’s not irrelevant at all - the adventures may not have feedback coming in, but many people still have not played them. And some will be doing so soon…

People are still playing D&D AL season 1 adventures, after all, and there are people still buying the corebooks.

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People can already spoil themselves and pre-read the adventures just by going to the download site. Having the results of the living campaign reports available under the similar proviso that you only ruin things for yourself by looking at it before playing the game is no different. However, for those who have played the game having the ability to see what everyone else did is nothing but value-adding because apart from the delight at having an influence on the ongoing story, comparing what you did to what others did in the same circumstance is part of the fun of these sort of games.

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Nothing says we can’t post in the forums what our groups did to share that GM bonding,

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