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Living Campaign General Discussion (Season 1)

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JimJohnson said Mar 16, 2018

Still alive. Approvals can be a lengthy process when you have a game based on an IP.

Star Trek Adventures Line Editor, Living Campaign co-editor, adventure coordinator, freelance writer


TonyPi said Apr 30, 2018

Are there (or going to be) stats (and spaceframe guidelines) for the Calypso-class starship mentioned in “We Are The Stars”? Thanks!

Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.


TonyPi said May 10, 2018

Bacchus’ Irresistible Call has the wrong stats for the Starfleet Security Officers - there seem to be cut-and-paste residuals from the Klingons.

Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.


TonyPi said Jul 12, 2018

For the newest adventure, “Assessor’s Gambit”, 11 hours at what warp speed? Thanks.

Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.


JimJohnson said Jul 13, 2018

Whichever warp speed works best for your Gamemaster’s needs. Speed of plot, essentially. I threw in the 11 hours to give Players and Gamemasters an opportunity to fit in RP scenes en route.

Star Trek Adventures Line Editor, Living Campaign co-editor, adventure coordinator, freelance writer

How often do new adventures come out? Feels like it’s been a while

Last two came out late July. Season finales are in progress. TBD release schedule for season 2.


So the season finales ever going to be released?

I thought the finale was supposed to be played at some convention (SDCC? Or perhaps the across-the-pond equivalent?) and then released shortly thereafter. Given the lateness of the year, I suspect that, whatever the convention, it is over. So I’m curious about the season finale as well.

Finales are in CBS’s hands waiting for approvals. Holidays will likely delay them. Happy holidays for those who celebrate!


Curious if they’ve been waiting a while, Star Trek Adversaries had some huge delays because of CBS too. They need to get their act together.

Just got an email telling me the season 1 finale adventures have been released.

I also got it and have checked it out and it seems the 2269 mission is listed by mistake among the 2371 missions on the right side of the page :slight_smile:

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And the cover for the 2371 mission says 2269.

Holy ■■■■, these season finales are epic!

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I know. I can’t wait to blow my players’ minds with these.

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With regards to the 24th Century adventures, I have a crazy desire to run three separate tables of this, one for each of the ships, and then bring them all together for the final adventure of Season 1. The PC ship captains get to discuss among themselves who gets to be called Fleet Captain for this mission!


Cool idea!

My crew’s living campaign has unfortunately been cut short by our GM’s relocating to another state, but we played just long enough to take the training starships off and get one of our own: the Akira-class USS Argo, commanded by the caitian Captain Ann En’Peh’Cee.

(Which I think translates to we only got through the first real adventure of the living campaign; the escort job).

ETA: Huh, we really got left behind didn’t we. Even if we had a GMI don’t think we’d be able to finish the season on time to make even the slightest difference whatsoever. :frowning:

The first season of the LC may be closed to receiving reports, but you’re certainly still welcome to play it and enjoy the adventures.

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If you’re up for playing online, I have a small group and can accommodate more players. We’re two adventures into the official material and have been sidelined by a These are the Voyages adventure that took an odd direction.


Our group was part of the playtest, then set the game aside for a while to finish the campaigns we put on pause for that. Those games have finally wrapped, so now we’re getting back into Star Trek. Which worked out because I wanted to have all of season 1 available to go through as a buffer before we started, to give me time to work on homebrew missions in between. (I’m going to be running the group as the crew of USS Bozeman, so they’ll actually be able to play both timelines. :D)

I have a couple of questions about the campaign before we get started.

I am getting the impression the game is between seasons right now, but there also isn’t anything in the descriptions that I could see marking what mission is the “finale”. So I want to make sure that right now all that’s available is all of season 1.

Is there any place to get a rundown on how the missions “canonically” went? I’d like to compare how my crew does (considering they will have a different ship) so I can tell early on if I need to modify the later missions to account for that and by how much. (I’m assuming I’ll need to modify them.) Also, maybe some place to see what areas groups had trouble if there were any? It doesn’t seem like much of the discussion in the ship threads stuck around after the forum transfer.

“Punishment and Crime” was the season 1 finale for the TOS part of the storyline; “The Displaced” is the season 1 finale for the TNG part.

I’ve seen some discussion of the LC here and there online and in youtube videos, but I don’t think anyone’s tried to compile a resource for them. Best thing would be to post in the LC forums here and see what responses you get. The feedback we got was pretty light, so it’s hard to gauge how many folks played the LC vs how many played and also offered any report or insight into how things went for their crew.

A quick question.

I thought the LC occurred after the Dominion War which was 2373 until 2375. But the LC adventure titles say 2371.

Do I have it backwards with the LC happening before the DW?