Living Campaign

Where can I download the scenarios?

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It seems like the OP was never addressed or I somehow missed the response. Is Living Adventures still active? If so, when is the projected release date for new materials?

Yes it is still active. 2 adventures (1 set in 2371, 1 set in TOS era) were released just a couple of months ago. Projected releases are whenever they have written adventures approved for release. Not entirely sure when that is.

Thank you for the response! I’m glad that it is still active.

Season 1 of both TOS and TNG storylines was completed a couple months ago. More material to come, but we’re working out the release schedule and trying to figure out where it all fits in.

All LC files are available here:

Thank you! Any idea how many seasons they will be?

Not at present. It’s all TBD.

We’re still in the middle of the season 1, and I’ve laid seeds for adventures from the standalone adventures and These are Voyages adventures in case we need to fill time.

It has been almost 2 years. Will there be a season 2?

There can be as many seasons as you want. The upcoming Shackleton Expanse campaign book (due in Q2 '21) will contain a 10-part epic campaign and a ton of mission briefs and adventure seeds and setting info that GMs and players can spin into all kinds of stories. Sky’s the limit.

But what about official Living Campaign seasons?

Living Campaign was transformed into the campaign setting, with the first season’s episodes reimagined and folded into the book. Additional adventures and content are in the book to enable game groups to create as many seasons as they want to for their campaigns.

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Question about the campaign with spoilers


Am I right to think that if the group does nothing to save the humanoid lemurians and just partially repair the artifact they will reappear unscratched with the planet at thé end of the campaign. They may want to go back if they were displaced

You have the right to destroy the spoiler once answered

They will reappear, but you may want to re-read the fate of that planet in the finale mission. I don’t think anyone is going back to that planet once the finale is done

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thanks for your reply.
Some other questions


Yep, I have read the theoretical fate of the planet but it was just in case they manage a différent end

  • I have done the toolkit scénario, mixed with signals as the first scenario, so décision point is my second one
  • I plan to do all the 3 ships scenario with one ship as long as possible
  • I’am proud of my group, they are great, and even if they are very unlucky it’s always fun (in decision point they encountered the ravine of doom in the cave (4 players falls into a ravine on a 20 , even one is a 20 re-roll 20) they finally prevail
  • Since they know that Romulian are interested in planet artifacts they managed that the planet asked for protection, in a similar way of bajor
  • there are my questions:
  • the group ends with 2 “so crazy that it might work” solutions:
  1. to teleport lemurians on the next planet, with teleporter relays, signal enhancers all over the way
  2. store lemurians in teleporter buffer and found another planet
    The first one seems easier that the second but the 2 seems possible to me. What do you think?

from memory I don’t think it matters what the players do with regard to the planet. The population is of course a completely different matter.

I also ran the LC as one ship, but skipped a couple of the adventures I didn’t like and either transplanted some important information, or had another local shop find it and report back. Definitely doable, and definitely works.

Depending on how you run transporters, both your scenarios could work, but they should be difficult checks/extended tasks. Both seem like they would need drastic modifications to the tech, especially given the environment of Shackleton (be careful with negating the given solution to “transporters solve all”). But its Star Trek, so why not?

If they do help, have you decided how to present the consequences of effectively breaching the prime directive? This is a path my group didn’t take so interested to hear how it goes. I know you mention Bajor, but the bajorans were warp capable.

Having not played through the LC myself, I don’t know how many Lemurians you’re trying to move or how far, but…

Assuming the next planet is less than 300 billion km away, then the first option would work if the players modified the transporter to subspace transport the Lemurians instead (see the Subspace Transporter page on Memory Alpha).

I’d be reluctant to say that they could manage it with signal enhancers, because the distance to the next planet is likely to be many multiples of the maximum transporter range (max transporter range is 40,000 km by the 24th century, but adjacent planets can be separated by 10s of millions to 100s of millions of km). A useful thing to compare it with might be fibre-optic telecoms. Using amplifiers to boost the signal only works for so long, before you distort it to the point where you have to pass it through a repeater. This reads off the information on the optical pulse that’s coming in, removes the distortion, and writes the information onto a fresh optical pulse going out. I could see transporters working in a similar way. You can use signal enhancers up to a point, but eventually you’re going to have to rematerialise the transportee at a waypoint before their transporter pattern reaches a level of distortion that can’t be compensated for.

The second solution is definitely possible. It would need the players to modify the transporters like Scotty did, at the risk of the Lemurian patterns degrading if anything goes wrong (see the Pattern Buffer page on Memory Alpha). I guess the main downside is that there are limits on how many people you can store at once though, so not great if you’re wanting to move more than a few Lemurians at a time. Pattern buffers can be expanded to store up to a few dozen occupants, but there are safety implications, which may or may not be compounded by the risks associated with turning a pattern buffer into a long-term storage system.


I know thar bajoran were warp capable, but lemurian are peaceful, with a world government, and with the arrival of the scientists aware of other worlds. With the presence of artifacts they are a prey for Romulians (and Orions). They have argued that their destruction is due to an advanced civilisation, surely warp able, and because of this a protection is somewhat possible. They decided to do it kirk’s way, aplogies later.
For the teleport signal:

  • Starts at lemurian planet at a temporary teleport base
  • probes with signal amplifier and maybe small shuttles for a more active amplification
  • some rematerializations in Danube shuttle at 1/4 of the travel (since the ship has extensive shuttle bay)
  • probes with signal amplifier and maybe small shuttles for a more active amplification
  • some rematerializations in Ship at 1/2 of the travel
  • probes with signal amplifier, and maybe small shuttles for a more active amplification
  • some rematerializations in Danube shuttle 2 at 3/4 of the travel
  • probes with signal amplifier and maybe small shuttles for a more active amplification
  • rematerialisaton on the other planet
    Will also include a cryptographic protection to make it more discreet and focused, to lower detection by romulians
    May also include a teleporter customization for danube
    All the shuttles, size 1 and 2 and ship should include backup teleportation buffer for possible re-emission in case of problems.
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Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into it.

Sounds like a great opportunity for some interesting tasks and all the complications they may involve. I hope it plays out in a fun way for all!