Products for Orignal Movies

If one were to set a campaign during the original movies (ST: TMP through ST VI), should they just use the stuff from the main rulebook for TOS? I didn’t see any separate products for that era.

Yeah. From a rules standpoint, there’s really not a functional difference in TOS and the movie; it’s window-dressing. Some species aren’t (easily) available, but the ships are essentially the same, save for the number of refits.

The Gamemaster’s Guide has some good guidance for movie-era games, and the Command Division book has some extra spaceframes. If you want a lot more choice for spaceframes, get Utopia Planitia; it’s got tons of 23rd century frames.

As an aside, I know I’m not alone among the freelancers in wanting a movie-era sourcebook or some such thing, but that’s a decision that’s well above my pay grade.

Oh, I guess I didn’t even know there was a Gamemaster’s Guide! Well, something for me to look for!

But there are differences even in station assignments between TOS and the movies. For example, starting with TMP, we had a weapons/tactical officer who had their own station (instead of helm firing weapons) or whatever. So, I’d be interested in that stuff.


For a TOS game, all you need is a core rulebook or the rules digest out of the tricorder set.

If you want to supplement that with more options, consider grabbing the Alpha Quadrant book, the Beta Quadrant book, the three division sourcebooks, and either the Player’s Guide or Gamemaster’s Guide. All optional, though. All you really need to play is the core book.

The Discovery Campaign Guide will give you a lot of insight into the early TOS era as well, and helps to bridge what happened from ENT to TOS.

Have fun!

That’s actually already covered in the Core Rulebook. Stations can be assigned as Players/GMs see fit. Same for Roles.

Don’t think Jim ordered a full Layout only for one sourcebook. (At least, this is what I hope)

Era sourcebooks are still on my wishlist to develop someday.