Star Trek TOS era adventures

Hello all! I’m brand new to this site and I was wondering if there was a list or bundle of Star Trek TOS adventures that anyone had made or put together for sale (on this site or something like Drivethru RPG) as I’m most interested in running a campaign set in the TOS era and most of the bundles/books/etc. I see of adventures have a mix of missions set in different eras. Thanks!


There is a list of free adventures from the Living Campaign that are set in the TOS era. You will also find some stand-alone adventures in the Modiphius Shop.

For third-party-material, you can always go to the Continuing Mission STA Blog, a great and rich resource for homebrew material.

And, last, but not least: Almost every (if not all) adventure that is set in the other eras within Modiphius’ license (that means ENT, TOS/TAS, TNG/DS9/VOY, but NOT DIS/PIC/etc.) includes advice on how to adapt it to the TOS era.


The adventures we’ve published so far that were intended for TOS include:

Standalone PDFs available on DTRPG and
Hard Rock Catastrophe
A Forest Apart

Contained within These are the Voyages
A World with a Bluer Sun

Contained within Strange New Worlds
Plato’s Cave
Drawing Deeply from the Well
No Good Deed
Whole of the Law

The entire TOS-era half of the living campaign

All of the other adventures we’ve published include guidance on how to adapt it for use in other eras, including TOS, so with a little work, almost any adventure can be adapted to TOS.

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The standalone bundle is probably your best deal for the various standalones, esp since they can all be adapted for use in TOS.


Thanks Mr. X and Jim, I really appreciate it!