Fantasy Grounds- Conan?

Also saw Ogedei was working on a fantasy grounds adaptation? Read that Modiphius was doing the same? Any word on this?

I asked long ago in FG forums, the Doug said someone has been working, but not from FG core team or any other community developers.

Currently I am running with my own extension, that is based on Ogedei’s and Shotgun Jolly’s work for MoreCore and it is with permissions :slight_smile:


I am going to be running my extension for a game coming up December 9th for people new to both Fantasy Grounds and/or Conan.

If you wanna try it, feel free to sign up. I posted a link in the forums here just today.

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I know this is an older thread but I was curious if Modiphius is still planning on doing/releasing a Fantasy Grounds ruleset? I am aware of JollyGM’s and another’s (I’ve been trying to learn enough lua to attempt one based on their’s) but I thought I had read that Modi was doing an official one.

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In FG forums there has been statement from user that the KS page is updated and there is brief message that the ruleset is getting in good shape… but aside from that I don’t know more.

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Yep. We’re working with the developer at the moment. There’ll be more news when we have some.


Great news! Looking forward to his.

Just wanted to throw in my “Ditto!” here… My players are beginning to revolt… They’re looking for a change from D&D and they’re ready for some 2d20 action…

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Any update on that? It has been quite some time and I already have all books in Realm Works uploaded :smiley: Next step is FG but God is my witness - I absolutely hate the idea to do double work…

I’ve been using Roll20 to run for an online group. It’s sheet is decent but you have to set up a table to access the damage rolls from the sheet. So far everything has worked out ok.

I don’t use Roll20 for numerous reasons, so this option does not work for me. I am maintainer of one extension for Conan 2d20 in Fantasy Grounds, but having official ruleset is much better. Mainly because I would buy the content, rather than entering it myself. The hours I need to spend are much more costly than the price of the final products :smiley: