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Fantasy Grounds?

Any word? Surely those lowly barristers have wrapped up their means of squeezing every gold coin that they can from us by now? These civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.

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From doug (owner of smiteworks) back in september

I have had friendly emails with Chris Birch and Sam of Modiphius and we would be happy to get an agreement in place for distribution if they have a ruleset available and ready for release. As far as I know, I don’t think there are any pending negotiations. They just need to sign the agreement I provided for them in May 2019. There were no issues raised to me about the terms we gave them.

I have not seen the ruleset at all. They were working with a developer who has never delivered a finished ruleset to us for commercial release. Separate from the Publisher Agreement is that we need to run the ruleset through a basic quality control pass. This would be secondary to their own internal reviews.

So, who knows what is going on.

The ruleset IS ready for an initial release.

-The Developer

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Well, just shut up and take my money already!

My crew is itching to play. We’re biding our time with a 5e dungeon crawl just waiting to dive in.

Any estimate on the release?

Anyone have any updates on the release?

We’re getting the agreement signed at the moment.

Steve and his team are ready to send over the module for SmiteWorks to test, which they must do for quality assurance. So we’re still a couple of steps away from the release.

I understand the personal interest in the Conan FG module, but please be patient with us, as this is a second priority to delivering the Wave 3 books.

Sweet deal! No, just glad its moving along. My group and I are of course eager but reality takes time and we know that. On our side though we need to balance game time with busy schedules so we try to be judicious with what we want to play. And we definitely want some Howardian S&S :wink: