New Release - Desertfall

To keep you all going for a bit we’ve just released Desertfall for those of you who didn’t preorder and get the Preview.
Its not substantially different but has a couple of tweaks.
It is the first of the pdf adventures we’ll be releasing now and again to bridge the gap between supplements.

You can pick it up on our website:
Dune: Desertfall Adventure (PDF) (

Or on Drivethrurpg:
Dune: Desertfall Adventure (PDF) - Modiphius | Dune - Adventures in the Imperium |


Is there plans, can u confirm if or when Desertfall will come-out on Roll20 VTT as a Module or Add-On product? I own core rulebook and GM Toolkit on roll20 releases, and my group is so eager to play Desertfall that we’re already looking at implementing it by-hand, but would like to buy it in the similar-format integrated to Virtual Tabletop as Harvesters of Dune.

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Snagged it as soon as I got home. Will be working this into my current campaign

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I don’t believe there is a current plan for that I’m afraid.
Roll 20 themselves did all the work on the previous ones and they’re pretty busy.
But all you might need is the Residency map you can copy and upload
and I think all the character images might already be in the Roll 20 package.