Current delivery times?

So I saw that people who pre-ordered are now receiving their items and I was wondering if I ordered today how long the delivery would take; i.e. whether the game is now officially available for purchase.

I was considering to buy an Artreides collectors edition as a gift, but if I would have to wait more than 4 weeks this would not really be a suitable option (I might order nonetheless, as it looks really great).

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All the pre-orders should have gone out now and I’ve seen a lot of FLGS advertising that they now have the book in (as does Amazon).

Hopefully Modiphius should be in a position to send stock out from their warehouse pretty much immediately as that is the only source for the Atreides cover.

Yup, it should be filtering into shops this month too.
So while you can only get Atreides from Modphius until October (and Harkonnen from amazon and Corrino from retail) the books and accessories should be appearing locally now.