Modiphia takes control of the Imperium!

We’ve got some big news about Dune in the new issue of Modiphia - that is being released right now.
If you’ve ordered something from us you should see a copy, otherwise you’ll be sent a pdf if you are part of our mailing list.
I won’t spoil the surprise quite yet (as I have the heart of a Harkonnen) but you’re going to find it worth a look.

If you want to grab a copy right now, dash over to our webstore to get the free download:


3 Different collector edition covers? No fair, now I have to pick one. (No way my budget stretches to more than 1)

Pre-order comes in Dec, so do we have a plan for when release date will be now? Huh, Huh, Do we, Do we??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pre-order in December… I assume it’s the pre-order of the printed version, right? So with pre-order comes the pdf version?

For several years now I buy next to exclusively electronic RPG products (mostly PDFs).
I would pre-order Dune 2d20, but not the print version, only the electronic version.
Is there something planned regarding a PDF pre-order?

Yup, PDFs will be part of the preorder. We’ll have more detail on specific timing in early December.
We won’t quite have the books in pdf as soon as preorder happens but there will be something… :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m really sorry our graphics guys knocked it out of the park on all three of those. :slight_smile:


Very exciting!
Have to admit when you moved the logo to the film style I was worried you were going to be more film art and be a film-focused rpg. I am hoping the film will be amazing, but I want the rpg to stand on its own. I love the idea you are a book license and open to all the various eras of Dune.
If I were to go for a special edition, there’s only one choice for me…

Yup the logo change didn’t change any of our art style.
Two examples of which are with the article.
You’ll see the influence of the movie in our art, but we are also making it our own.

I’m really glad we can finally talk about the collector’s editions, I think our graphic guy Chris just knocked it out of the park with these.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be gearing up the marketing,
so keep an eye on the site as we’ll be previewing the standard cover and several of the pieces of art we have on the way, as well as offering some insight with blogs from the writers.

Will there be some sort of Quick-Play release for the game? Also, at what point will it be OK for play testers who signed a NDA to be able to discuss the game online?

We’ll be offering a preview with the preorder that will cover the rules you’ve seen
so at that point it will have gone public and you can chat.
Especially as hopefully that will convince more people to preorder :slight_smile:

They’re extraordinarily well done.

Decisions within decisions within decisions…

The House Atreides is clearly the green cover, complete with eagle. It’s not perfectly clear to me which is Harkonen and which is Corrino. Is the Harkonnen cover the red cover, and the Corrino purple?

Yes, the red cover uses the Harkonnen symbol from the coming Dune movie. The other one seems like Corrino but is an original one.

Yup, this is actually a great example of how our game relates to the Movie.
The (Green) Hawk is Atreides, and the (Red) Star is the new Harkonnen symbol.
The (Purple) Corrino one is our own, that we based on the movie graphic style.


Hi Andy - how will preorders work via FLGS?

Will there be content we can only get if we preorder from you - or will FLGS offer the same?

Thanks in advance!

There will be some special preorder options,
and some things you can only get from us, but some you can only get in retail.
I don’t know the exact distribution specifics, but all will be revealed in the full preorder announcement.


Excellent thanks much. Great styles.

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