Great Game PDF only

@Andy-Modiphius wondering when the pdf only version of the great game will be released? Very excited to get my hands on it!

Wayland games is advertising the release date as the 10th March.

That fits in with an early March release that we were advised (until Harkonnen agents in the warehouse shipped a few early)

As Modiphius normally puts the pdf up for sale once it hits retail, I’d say that is a good bet.

Hopefully Andy can confirm.

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Yup, the PDF will be on general sale with the book in early March.
(although you can still buy the book and pdf together from our webstore)
I can’t remember the exact date but it may even be this week.
Certainly the pdf will be released as soon as we press the magic button on our site and drivethru, so the pdf may well be available a little before the books filter through to retail stores.
So just keep half an eye on the site and you won’t have long to wait.



Its available now! :slight_smile:


Faster than Wayland games thought.
Sooner the better though. It is really worth picking up.

Got it. Loving it!