Agents Of Dune Launch Event - Box Set unboxing

You may have seen that we’ll be doing something mysterious and special with a new Dune product today at 4pm GMT on Twitch.

If you want to find out more about Agents of Dune (other than its title, that we’ll be unboxing it and answering your questions about it with the production team), then you should make sure you head along and join us!

Bless the Maker and His water.



I’ll be there with my notebook :notebook: :laughing:

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Would you add a digital version of the materials of the Agents of Dune Set so we can use it for online session campaigns, having high quality pictures are better then scanning the paper books for our adventures?

If you make the materials available for the people which purchased the product would be great so we can play on the table but we can play and use them in online sessions as well.

I believe it will have a pdf release and I think we can do something to offer the pdf to customers with the hardcopy but I’d have to check. Its proved a little more complicated than usual for the boxed set.


i hope it would work that would help a lot

Excited to play this!

I hope to introduce some of the more “gamey” elements of the box set, like the harvesting tracker, as something like logistics screens provided by a trusted advisor - some kind of in-world fiction.

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