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Just curious. Before investing in Homeworld, is there any information available on the iteration of the 2d20 system it uses? For example is it high crunch like “Fallout”, “Conan”, “Infinity” etc OR low crunch and more narrative like “Dune” and “Dishonoured” OR in-between such as “STA”?

I think this would be a big deciding factor for many who are interested in, and invested in the 2d20 system and game lines. Thanks!

It’s supposedly closer to STA in complexity. That’s what I’ve been reading on other forums.

That’s good to hear, thanks!

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Never played the original games, but I find what I’ve read about the setting intriguing. Looking forward to seeing how this game develops.

Any idea about the timeframe for the early versions of the core book? Weeks, months, years?

I’ve seen November-ish elsewhere, but that may be someone’s guesswork. I doubt there will be any official announcement until it’s very close to release. Too many potential causes of delays.

I’ve thoroughly digested the Quickstart and I have some concerns!

I really hope that Modiphius doesn’t copy/paste STA and then call it Homeworld. Specifically the rules around space combat make sense for Trek but will fall flat in the Homeworld universe.

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I have played the original Homeworld and Homeworld: Cataclysm. It’s a tough job to transfer Karan S’jets task to a couple of players. Grading them down to the crew of a corvette or frigate that executes Fleet Command’s orders seems not that entertaining.
It’s slightly different in Cataclysm when you start running the Kuun-Lan from the bridge. So in my opinion, long-range exploration and reconnaissance missions are better suited to roleplayers - possibly including missions to planetary surfaces and interaction with different parties than the Bentusi.

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I was wondering if other languages were planned or if it will be english only even in the future.

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Is there any news on the release date for the books/dice etc.?