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Free Quickstart?

I see that people who preorder Homeworld get a (quite long) Quickstart. That’s great, but for most every other 2d20 title there’s been a free Quickstart, available to anyone. Is there any chance that will happen? I love the system and am very happy with the games I’ve gotten over the years, but I know next to nothing about this IP, and a QS would be helpful to me as I decide whether to spend money on it.

From what I’ve read in other forums, seems like it will only be released to the general public when the game releases

That is how they handled it with Dune - you got a preview, and after the release there was a quickstarter released (with a different adventure, though).

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Yesterday I ran the preview/quickstart scenario in a first session. We made it to the start of scene 4, so more than halfway through the scenario. That took about 3 hours, so I guess the whole scenario can be run in about 5 hours total.

The Homeworld 2d20 rules mechanics are very close to A!C, which my players preferred over the more abstract Dune 2d20 rules. They like their weapon qualities and their damage dice.

This scenario had been not the most inspired choice: expedition on a desert planet. Where have we heard about that before? - Oh, yes, very recently with all the Dune scenarios.

Homeworld 1 and 2 are set in space, only the prequel has this Dune-like desert setting. I would have expected the preview/quickstart scenario to be more “typical” for Homeworld, that is “in space”.

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@FrankF: What would you think of a Quickstart where the characters are surviving crew members of the ill-fated Khar-Selim and need to commandeer (and repair, of cause) the wreck of a Turanic ion array frigate, racing to catch up with the Mothership and deliver what information they could wrestle from the frigate’s systems?

Sounds interesting - not only for a quickstart, but maybe as the start of a longer adventure.