Free QuickStart PDF and Pre-Gens Sheets (9/17/21 version)

I read them last night, and a few things came to mind (keeping in sight that it is a pre-view of an unreleased core rulebook and campaign setting information):

-I enjoyed reading the pre-gen sheets, the visual artwork, the information layout, and the small bits of background lore. This was the first thing I read, and got a good first impression.

-I didn’t see a “cheat sheet” for “There are the key concepts of the Homeworld RPG and some background information for new players” that I could have printed out and handed out at a game table to new players, same thing with a summary of the rules and combat charts.

-The intro to the session starts with a “you all meet at a bar and a strange looking man comes up to you offering you a quest” type vibe; I was thinking more of a “your PCs are suddenly pulled off their normal duties and sent to conference room #3 at the Ratial Hotel the next day at 0600 sharp, and told to dress in civilian clothes”. There a military officer introduces herself, tells them they have been selected to form a Quick Response Team (QRT) to act on some new intelligence that the (x) Clan found something on the (x) ship ruins that was missed by the previous team who extracted the (x) and (x) from the ruined ship.

The PCs are instructed to infiltrate the ship, find out what the (x) Clan discovered, and report back. Stealth is a priority, the fewer dead bodies the better so as to avoid another armed flare up which High Command doesn’t need right now. The PCs are equipped with survival suits, a backpack with exploration gear, food/water, combat knife, composite pistol, a taser (melee weapon with electrical shock attack), and a neurolizer pistol (does non-lethal stun damage).

The adventure proceeds otherwise as laid out in the QuickStart PDF. I like the idea of the “impending threat” for the mission to be them having their cover blown and having a shoot out, it raises the stakes and tension for an otherwise standard fetch quest. :slight_smile:

-Until provided with more options, I am using these links as references while I wait for the campaign lore information to be released:

(background info)


(lore) Homeworld | Encyclopedia Hiigara | Fandom

What was missing entirely in the quickstart scenario: how did the group of PCs led by the NPC even get there?
The location the scenario is set at lies several weeks of harsh travel to the equator region of the planet away from the PC’s home base. There is no mentioning of any means of transportation they had, as if they got Star-Trek-transported just close to the location.

Considering the extreme life-threatening environment of the location, even one or two sentences about how they got here would have helped.

Completely handwaved of course, “you meet at a bar” level intro. :wink: