HW RPG Pre-Gen PC Miniatures?

Is anyone already in the process of, intends to do soon, or plans on doing in the near feature, the creation of Heroforge 3D Printed miniatures for each of the Pre-Gen PCs from the Quick Start Adventure? I would purchase the STL files from Modiphius directly if I could, but if they don’t have plans (I already asked) to sell Homeworld RPG starship minis, I highly doubt they are going to sell people size miniatures…
I (paid) someone to do this for me for one of my fantasy RPGs and its pre-generated PCs, and I got some amazing results. It didn’t hurt that I waited for Heroforge to have one of its sales when I did the commission. As a GM, I have found that many players will be more “attached” and “emotionally invested” in playing a pre-gen PC when they have an actual miniature in their hands that closes resembles the art on their printed character sheet. It is money well spent as far as I am concerned, and I am now doing this for any RPG that has a starter box set or PDF. :slight_smile: