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STA 3D printed maps

I just got an email from MyMiniFactory about 3D Print Models for the Fallout RPG. Any idea if this will be done for the STA line?

I raised a similar issue a while ago, relating to HeroForge.

@Modiphius-Jim informed us about licensing issues that bar that specific cooperation. Yet, this applied to customisable miniatures, not to standard models and/or terrain and not to MyMiniFactory.

So, maybe Jim can provide better news on this one. That would be much, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I wonder what those issues are. There was at one time a company that you could 3d figure with your head printed.. I wonder if it has anything to do with pricing, if it was because the rights where held by two different companies at the time, someone else had the rights, or something else.

Anything Modiphius publishes has to be licensed and approved by CBS as the IP owners.

I’m no expert, but I suspect licensing 3-d printing is probably one area that involves a lot of negotiation. The IP holders would be wary of the possibility (however unlikely) of one purchaser of a given pattern then producing actual models for profit for others… (It’s taken a heckuva lot of effort to get PDFs to the point where they no longer worry about that!)

Additionally as you say, licenses for particular products tend to be exclusive, so if another company already has the license for 3d printed figures or whatever, then Modiphius may not be able to get the rights to do them.


If this is the case, I wonder what company that is and why are they holding out on us… lol