STL files, printable by a 3rd party?


I’m coming back to Fallout after some time away and I find that all the cool terrain I want is available as STLs only. I do not have a 3d printer and I don’t intend to get one.

Can I have a third party business print these files for me? I’ve read the legal mumbo jumbo and as far as I can tell as long as they only print it for me as a one off commission then there’s no problem, but I’d be grateful for other people’s thoughts. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat.

Alternatively, have Modiphius confirmed that all the STL files will eventually be made into models sold by them? I can wait if that will be the case.

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There is no licence to allow a 3rd party to print them, no.

We have been trying to lock down a service to allow print on demand but the prices we’ve been hitting feel higher than anyone would actually pay, so its been a non starter at present.

We will look at doing as many of the sculpts as physical as we can, but I have no timeframe on that and not everything can realistically be done as a resin kit.

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While I have little doubt that many things like the vault corridors/rooms and large buildings will not ever become available as physical models from Modiphius, I would really like to see things like the Vault Girl and Covega vehicles as actual models since I am in the same situation and simply do not have time to learn 3D printing.

We are looking at ways of getting the STL items available to people without 3D printers, so far the costs have been prohibitive.

I am also looking at doing them as in house resin where possible, but I only have so many slots each year (usually 24 products) so its case of what is more important in the queue.

Ultimately the STL project is to allow us to do some extra products that would otherwise not be possible in resin, so not everything will carry over to a physical release at present.


Would be very cool to have a commercial type license, here in New Zealand it’s quite hard to find retailers that will stock the range and shipping from UK is quite prohibitive. There’s a decent number of resin print shops here or in Australia.