Where do people buy thre STLs from?

Just getting into 3d printing and I love FWW! So looking at Fallout terrian. Where do people buy there STLs from? It seems I can get them on DriveThruRPG, MyMiniFactory or Modiphius’s site. DriveThruRPG has the ability to sync the flies locally if there are changes (which is nice) and the abiity ti download them after purcahse. I beleive MyMiniFactory has the ablity to download them sfater purchase and it has some STLs that are not avalable anywhere else (crashed Vertibird and Chryslus Rocket) which is cool. I would rather buy they directly off the Modiphius site but would love to be abel to download purchases after the fact.

So wondering if where is the best place? Any input would be greatly apprecaited :smiley:

Thingiverse is another really good site for stl files. Probably half or more of everything I print comes from there.

I “Like” most everything I either print or plan to print, lots of FWW compatible stuff on my list. Might give you a starting point if you’re looking for some files to print:

NOTE: Some of the items on the list are going to be scaled wrong, so it’s really nice to have some of the official stl files to scale things against so you get the height right.

NOTE 2: If you find a file you like, check other stuff from the creator, often they will have other similar items even if not everything is specifically labeled “Fallout.”

Hope it helps.