Updated 3d Printing STLs

I hear some of the older sets are getting updated for new prints. That is awesome! Being able to get pre supported and even cut version to fit smaller print beds is great! I have a mono 4k and I have shyed away from things like the crash Vertibird since my print bed is too small. I know I can cut things up but I am just starting so not there yet. I have a few questions on how this works…

First if they are updated do I get the updated files if I purchased the older set? If so, how do I download the new files? I cannot seem to find the Modiphius digital content links for all my old purchases

Second does Modiphius update the files on DriveThru RPG also? If so I would get notified and get the new files?

Third I purchased a humble bundle with all most of the vault tec, the APC and few other things. Will those get updated? If so do I download them from Humble Bundle?

Any information would be great. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We add the updated files to the webstore, My Mini Factory and Drivethru as they are available.

If you have bought the files previously, you will be able to access the new files by logging back in and downloading the new versions as needed.

If you are buying going forward, the new versions will be included as default.

The Humble Bundle is being looked into right now as we need to work out if its possible to update an older bundle where not provided by MMF etc, and if not how we can offer the new files to people.

I’ve still got to sort the Vault and the non crashed Vertibird but the rest should have all been updated now (and if not let me know so I can go poke the web team).



I bought some on DriveThruRPG, MyMiniFactory, and Modiphius and have been slogging through my libraries to download the updates. The hardest ones to find are the ones on Modiphius’s site. I have to tighten up my Googlefu on my gmail search to find my orders after I figure out what stl’s I got from where. Hoo boy…

I thought I remembered going to MMF for the Humble Bundle, but apparently not. I did discover, though, that while the download for the STL zips and PDFs work, the links to the modiphius store page are broken in my humble bundle library, as they go to modiphius.com.