Is having a friend print my 3D STL ok?

Hello all, I have just purchased the Humble Bundle FWW set and am super excited to get the objects printed. I am concerned though. I don’t have a resin 3D printer at my house but my friend has one and is willing to print my files for me. Is that ok and within the license? I won’t be paying him money, just purchasing the resin he will use for the prints. Or do I need to actually physically take my files to his printer and hit print with my own hands for it to be within the legal license? Thank you for any information. I just want to make sure I do this the right way.

Whilst I am not a lawyer, I can’t imagine there is any issue with having a friend (or a professional company) print the files if you are the person who ends up with them.

The only issue, from most people who sell STLs, is if you print the files, then sell what you have made on to strangers.

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Same issue :slight_smile: sent it to a professional printer friend so no issue. But most people have no freak friends…

I’m going to look around the modiphius’ site and see if I can find any documentation that talks about it.

On a strictly technical basis the license says you can’t share the file. As Candyman says, however, there isn’t going to be an issue as long as a) he doesn’t start printing them off for all and sundry or b) share the files more widely.
And they would be a problem if anyone did it.

Also if he only prints them for you who will ever know?

As for getting a 3rd party to print them for money… You are on much shakier ground there.
That is a commercial transaction which definitely falls afoul of the license.
Not sure how it would pan out, but I’m pretty certain that Modiphius’ official line is that you can’t.
How they enforce that is another matter, but I wouldn’t want to risk it.

Ok, thanks for the info. That helps a lot.

I got the FWW bundle the first time it was released a year ago. As I recall, I actually had my STLs delived from My Mini Factory, which has its own license terms. The FWW stuff seems to use their “Standard Digital File Store License”: (I clicked a few and they all had that, you can do your own searching on every file to be sure). This license is pretty much the same as the one from Modiphius’ site, but should be read just in case.

(It’s not a problem regardless as long as the private nature of the transaction remains private, but I think it’s worth noting, depending on how the files were delivered in this repeat bundle.)

(The one FWW file that for sure doesn’t use that license is a “sample” 3D print set offered for free: The licensing symbols on this product’s page are explained at the link above.)

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